Last Coffee Chat for the summer

Happy Tuesday!

Today is the last coffee chat of the summer for my friend Rory over at Time Out for Mom until sometime in the fall when school is back in session and we get our hour or two back of some quality “me time”.


So a major thumbs ups for Rory for hosting such a fun blog hop!!!! She is truly awesome!

This weeks topic is “what is on your summer fun list”!

Honestly, for us. We are a simple, low key family. We like to watch movies and relax.

But a good list for us might go something like this.

1. Go camping when time allows.                                                                                                                This year, I think I may convince my family that camping in the back yard is just as cool as camping up in the wilderness and the biggest perk is the facilities are clean and close to home :-)

2. Read more

3. Add a rail to the front porch – which is in the works.                                                                         Or shall I say, I have mentioned to the hubby and son that their “shift” is up.  They will build, the daughter and I will paint.

4.Painting the master bedroom and adding a window bench.

5. Visit a few more national parks close to home, Royal Gorge, Garden of the Gods, see the Great Sand Dunes again. etc…

6. Play more board games

7. Go swimming

8. Go hiking

9. Enjoy doing nothing

10. Ignore all of the above and just enjoy life.

Adulthood is over-rated really.

Stay tuned for pictures. I hear that people really, really like before and after shots.

Happy Summer!

Moving with Monday’s Music!

Happy Monday! Here is to a fabulous short week for hopefully many of you!



This weeks theme is a freebie and this morning I have been humming this little tune thanks to the radio show I listen to every morning while getting ready for work.

You’re welcome.

Follow Friday Four Fill- In.

Top of the morning to you!

I missed the initial posting of this yesterday because I had to leave my house at the #!* of dawn to get in line at the county clerks office before they opened so that I could avoid the wait time that happens if you are not the 4th person in line at 6:30 in the morning. phewwwwww!

Both my vehicles registration and tags are renewed for another year.Took me 20 minutes.

So without further adieu, please hop over to my friend Hilary over at Feelie Beachie and join the randomness and creativity of filling the blank with the first thing that pops into your brain.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I love to ____ on the ____
  2. What was the last _____?
  3. New____ are_____
  4. Happiness is _______

1. I love to enjoy my coffee outside on the deck on cool fall mornings!

2. What was the last movie you watched in the theater?

Aloha (2015) Poster

Such a good movie!

3. New blooms in my garden are what keep me motivated to make it bigger and more beautiful!

4. Happiness is a Saturday morning because I am still in my P.J’s.

Here is to a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday Coffee with a big side of Inspiration!

Good morning friends!

My favorite blog hop is about to take a summer break so I wanted to make sure I was part of the final two!  My friend Rory over at Time Out for Mom host this fabulous hop every Tuesday and always has the most entertaining topics to share!

Be Inspired!!  Share something that inspired you this week:  a quote, a photo, a story in the news.  Let’s spread some positivity! 

I don’t watch the news anymore and haven’t for a while because it’s just well…depressing!

This past weekend I participated in something I have wanted to do for awhile because I was inspired to give back!

Relay for Life

We didn’t participated the entire night  which is what makes this event unique;                               ( I am 41 and staying up all night would take an entire week to recover). We attended from 7-10pm which was perfect.  Long enough to enjoy the company of friends, meet new ones and simply hang out and enjoy the fresh night air because we were blessed with PERFECT weather.

My team raised more than we expected which made the work and time put into this event well worth it. I do have to say the best part about it though was captured in pictures. 13806_10206352295822510_5173721870378330911_n-imp

With my two wonderful kids! My daughter gets MAJOR kudos for keep our team going by staying on the track the longest! My son joined in with girlfriend which was added bonus! These two consistently inspire me to be better every day.


On the right – My amazing hubby! I am still recovering from knee surgery so he was making sure I took my time as I haven’t been fully released for any major power walking. I could only walk a couple of laps and then had to sit down for the reminder of the night. He inspires me because he is always there, regardless with love and nurturing, patience and the biggest heart!

On the left – My daughter and her BFF who also joined us and the little hand to the left, attached to my daughter is the sweetest little girl of these two wonderful people pictured below who also came out to support this cause and my cheer me on! That lady on my right, best friend EVER!


I truly have the most amazing hubby, kids and friends a woman could ask for! I am truly blessed!

To those that donated to my relay, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!






TGIF! I was on top of this post this morning and then to my surprise when I went to visit my friend over at Feelie Beachie I discovered I am the co-host.                                                             (Guess I should check my emails, eh?)

So without further delay lets have some fun creative thinking and fill in some blanks.


Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me

If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! I REALLY NEED STATEMENTS! This week’s co-host is TIFFANY from SOUNDS LIKE LIFE TO ME. She came up with the last two statement.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I drink a lot of _____
  2. ______ are my _______ time of day
  3. _____is my guilty pleasure on _________
  4. ____________ sums up the week I have had

1. I drink a lot of water!

2. Mornings are my least favorite time of day.                                                                                   (never been a morning person but once I am up, have that first cup of delicious coffee, I become very productive)

3. Nestle’s Drumsticks are my guilty pleasure on a hot summer afternoon.                                     (while I am not a chocolate fan these days, my kids wait patiently for me to get to the bottom of the cone to pass over that last, very LARGE chunk of chocolaty goodness to them)

4. Interesting sums up the week I have had.

Happy Friday everyone!

Relay for Life

HI everyone.

Never in a million years did I think I would be that annoying person who would pester all those near and dear to me about a fundraiser, so my sincere apologies if I have done that to any of you. I hate when people do it to me. I have supported many fundraisers that revolve around some amazing causes because each of them has affected someone I love and I want to help if even a little bit in anyway I can.

To those that have already contributed.

This is my first time with this event and the team I am on is pretty awesome and we have exceeded our goal. So I know we can do more, which is whyeeeeeee I am pestering all you fine folks again. Tomorrow night is the big event and we can still raise so much for cancer research in general.

Wanna show some love with a few of these.

Maybe not in that exact denomination or with that face, but every little bit helps.


See link below!

Relay For Life – Centennial

Cancer Charity Fundraising

I will update with all the details from the event and what our final count was.

Stayed tuned!



Tuesdays Coffee Chat and some random questions.

Happy Tuesday! I figure I better get back on some schedule of normalcy at some point. These last few weeks have been anything but normal. Story of my life these last 6 months. sigh.

Anyway, hopping over to join up with my friend Time out for Mom

Time out for Mom

This weeks topic is a good one!

Answer the 10 questions in your chat post, and add a bonus if you feel like it.  Or a question you would like commenter’s to answer.   


1. My nickname is Kisma on this blog,  T.J. to my grandparents, aunts, uncles, people who want to annoy me etc. The normal pet names referred to by my amazing hubby – honey, princess, on and on.

2. I have brown eyes

3. This is a good one. Once upon a time in a land far, far, far away. I had baby blond hair. Then I had kids and it turned this interesting shade of a dirty ash blond to which I began playing around with hair color. I have been red, brown, blond again, back to a dark brown and finally, back to blond. It’s what I do.

4. One fact about me. I don’t sleep with pillows. Have them, but currently use them for my knee or push them to the floor.

5. My favorite color, hmmm. hard one because I have a few but in looking in my closet, I buy ALOT of blue.

6. My favorite place is ideally the ocean, but given that I live in a landlocked state, outside does just fine.

7. Favorite Celebrity… I have so many. I guess the person at the top of that list would have to be this guy – Mr. Hugh Jackman.

8. Favorite Animal – because they are different.

9. Favorite song – this changes so often. Currently it is this one and the movie too!

10. Favorite Book – hands down I have to say The Great Gatsby.


Happy Tuesday!!!

A wordy Wednesday for a great cause!

I am slowly recovering from knee surgery and when they say take it slow, listen. Don’t be me and try to conquer life at a normal pace. It doesn’t work. I returned to work on Tuesday and I feel like I have worked all week. SO very tired.

To top that off…

Tomorrow my baby who will be 18 in 4 months, goes in for surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed. We will be a wonderful duo! Pray for my hubby. He has been a champ and awesome caretaker!

Anyway, I don’t have any pictures to share much to my disappointment but I do have a news I want to get out there before I run out of time.

Look what I am doing a week from Friday! Come join me or show your support by supporting the cause! Every bit counts, even $5 bucks! For all those who wish to donate,                                look for my name – Tiffany Maytum – under participates.

Relay for Life

Here is the link!

Relay for Life of Centennial

Because of my journey with skin cancer, this is something I have wanted to do for some time! Not just because of my journey, but for all those that have battled this disease in one form or another.

Thanks in advance!