Silly outage causes hard drive crash = server down = is alive again!

So Monday this happened.


Transformer blew in our neighborhood

Which caused this to happen…

Sucks right.

I actually enjoyed the quiet time this gave us because we were forced to light candles and CHILL OUT!  I actually red a book for an hour – by candle lite. Kinda cool.

Anyway when the power came back up all was well again – or so we thought. Turns out the server my husband runs for various geeky events as well as my blog (thatmyamazinghubbysetup-justsaying) was still down because one of its three hard drives crashed.

IMG_5357this vs this


But because my AMAZING hubby is an IT GOD, he went and took care of what needed to be done and now my blog and all the other things our server runs is back up and running. It would have been up sooner but he is also a GOD at his office and they had a deadline today to which he rocked out and is now OFFICIALLY on vacation until after the new year!

Thank you for your patience while my site was down. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know I have more than a few followers that stop by.  IT just goes to show you the one week where people stop by or I ACTUALLY have the time to sit and write, we have a server crash. Oh well…


Happy Hump Day!




Sunday’s 4 follow blog hop….

Hello and prepare for another EPIC BLOG POST!

Try to follow – myself and my friend over at Feeling Beachie

Feeling Beachie

1. I can’t believe it is already Sunday and tomorrow is the 15th which means 10 more days until Christmas!

Last week I had events EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT and when the mornings arrived, it was all I could do to get myself up much less “sleeping beauty” see post about her here.  Get up Sleepy Heads

Anyway it is Sunday and its snowing which for some would say boo, hiss, go away. I find it refreshing after 70 degree temps last week which just felt wrong. Here is Michael to make it feel good. Be sure to stop by my friends… Xmas Dolly

As I mentioned the week has flown by and I am working on little to know sleep but somehow I have managed to continue to keep the holiday spirit alive and well and remember that even at the worst of times, the simplest of gestures make all the difference. Tagging my Rory over at Time Out for Mom and feeding off her theme for this weeks Coffee Chat in Random Acts of Kindness – my coworker started my week off by bringing me a heavenly slice of this beautiful tasty treat.

 2. Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bar is my favorite holiday treat that I OD on every holiday!

At work I am what’s known as “candy lady”. I have a candy bowl that sits on my desk and I keep it stocked with candy, chocolate and other fun tasty treats. It warms my heart when people from all corners of my office need that little pick me up and they know it can be found on the corner of my desk.

On Thursday, my daughter had her choir concert at school and it was so much fun to listen to all the kids sing various melodies as well as close the concert with CHRISTMAS music to which I am proud to say I sang right along with them as did much of the audience!

Below are the past two years…. I really need her to STOP growing up!


Christmas Concert 2013


Christmas Concert 2014


3. If I could blog more, I would be in heaven. I have sooo many things I want to share. (New’s Years Resoultion maybe…?)

And now to Friday Err, Sunday… O.M.G This month is moving way to fast.

4. December is an insane month for our household, but is always a beautiful one.


In a few short hours, the pretty girl above and I will pick up two of her friends and go and get pedicures, lunch and take on the mall for some holiday shopping for her 14th birthday.

Please pray for me.


Follow Fridays 4 Fill In and my stupid COLD!

Happy Friday!

Minus a cold that has made me sound like a I swallowed a frog, leaving me with a “super sexy” voice which resulted in a missed day at my home away from home work, the week has been good. I adore winter… what I don’t adore is how it brings on the cold and flu season. Friday means a date night with my hubby and it is his company’s Christmas party. I promised him I would behave – in a matter of speaking :-)


Anyway, it is Friday and I love this hop and this week I am helping! Please stop by my friend over at Feeling Beachy!

Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me .

If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! I REALLY NEED STATEMENTS! This week’s co-host is Kisma from Sounds Like Life to Me  – she came up with the last two statements

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1.Sometimes I think _____
2.Do you love ____ as much as I do?
3.Black Friday _______________
4.__________________ is my favorite thing about long holiday weekends


1. Something I think reality and adulthood are waaaaay over-rated.

2. Do you love to hit repeat on your favorite song after not having heard it in a while as much as I do?

3. Black Friday scares me.

4. Being able to do nothing is my favorite thing about the long holiday weekends!


Tuesday’s Coffee Chat

Time out for Mom


This weeks theme is

It’s now officially December and the countdown to Christmas has begun in our home!  I may even decorate this week.   What are some of your favorite pre-holiday preparations?  
Normally we have the tree up, decorated and lite by the end of the weekend over the Thanksgiving Day holiday. However, so far the only thing that has happened is the men helped lug all the boxes containing said tree and all its trimmings up from the basement and are now neatly stacked behind the couch in the family room where they patiently wait for me to open them. During the tree decorating – I put on one of my favorite holiday movies, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol and we all take turns hanging up an ornament or two.

In the past we have put lights out on our house, but because we gave our house a facelift this year with some $$$ vinyl siding – there will be no lights lining the house, but rather a small strand of snowflakes that grace the front porch and a beautiful new dear that is NOT lite because I am having some extension cord trouble!
Christmas cards! I love these!!!! Adore them so. Was on the ball with having family pictures taken back in SEPTEMBER, picked out the favorites and ordered up the cards and have already received them. Had a mindset of how cool it would be to send them out TODAY on the 1st.
The boys and I watched a silly spy movie tonight while I addressed and inserted the letter to the cards which will more than likely go out on Friday.
Another thing we enjoy are driving a little extra our of way for errands when we see Christmas lights. It’s what really gives us that sense of peace from the days insanity.

 I think my favorite next to the cards is a day of baking all the goodies we give to people as gifts because lets face it, who doesn’t like a box of Christmas cookies, fudge and candy and a side of yummy bread??? And while we do this, we have Christmas tunes playing in the background so I can sing and dance while we bake!
Christmas Eve traditions were changed dramatically 14 years ago when we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, so the tradition now is to celebrate all the joy she has given us over the years!
Honestly in all of the stuff we do for the holidays, my favorite is to just be in the moment, whatever it may be because the month really flies by waaaaaaay to fast!
Happy Tuesday!


Monday’s Music Moves Me


The theme for the month is Christmas of course!

Not only is this one of the best holiday movies ever, but Christmas tunes too!

and then lets not forget this one too!

and then there is this classic for those who celebrate Hanukkah.

Sunday’s Funnies and a weeks re-cap.

It is a beautiful Sunday morning and I am losing myself in my blog this morning as I still haven’t perfected the whole “time -management” in fitting this into my daily insanity called life.

I have tried posting early in the morning but with the kids in school and getting them out the door on time, there is no “me” time unless I wake up at 4 am – which just isn’t happening. Even coffee can’t replace my love for sleep.

I tried to post last thing at night, but the issue with that is after I get home from work,  I help with dinner, chauffeur to dance or some school event, help with homework and actually spend time with my family because we are addicted to The Walking Dead and the fact that my kids love to hang with us old people on the couch is AWESOME. From there, I make my way upstairs to finish little tasks like sign paperwork needed for school, order something for school, create something for school, (see my issue) I am TIRED and really just want to become one with my pillow.

While I lay there, I am thinking about what I would blog about.

My day, how the coffee chat prompt would tie into my day – “show me your brave” Time Out for Mom


Displaying image003.jpgOR

what crazy image I captured for the week would make an excellent WW.

Like this awesome magnet my co-worker brought me back from her trip to Vegas!

All while Pondering with  BYG Adventures what show I will lose myself in while I am waiting for this version of an Orange to release season 3.

The next thing I know, my 5am alarm is yelling at me to get up and repeat the process all over again by first feeding all the animals, cat’s first.



So I have decided that maybe Sunday is my day. To wrap them all into one





Create them all at once and then remember to post them the right day.

The issue with that – the prompt tie-ins. I like to live each day. I can’t foresee what will happen. I like to take events from my week and use those in my blog. I know I am not alone in this.

I just need to really figure out the whole TIMING ISSUE. Again, ideas welcome.

Anyway, tell me what you think and enjoy your Sunday!



Monday’s Music Moves Me…

This week’s theme our spotlight dancer, Joyce Lansky wants ..
It’s called the Brevity Challenge.  
#1 Write ONE sentence or less on your post.
#2 Post ONE song that is under three minutes.
#3 Visit and post a SHORT comment on EVERY blog that follows the rules.


I simple adore this man’s talent – and please forgive the “subtitles, I couldn’t find one without.

Comic Sunday

My son gave me the best comic book for Christmas last year and it my downtime I have enjoyed the laughter it has provided me. This book is a pretty accurate depiction of our current household with a teenage boy.

The one I am sharing today is in regard to chores.

In comics

(the link for the book is – Jeremy and Mom

In my reality

IMG_5202-1Happy Sunday!

Follow Friday Four Fill In!

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I just ____
  2. ___ is _____
  3. If I could, I would ________
  4. _____makes me______


1. I just got home from shopping with my daughter for pants for a school field trip which cost waaaay more than they should have.

2. Winter is here and it’s darn right ugly at a warm 4 degrees.

3. If I could, I would totally play hookie tomorrow from work but sadly, that isn’t a option. Sigh….

4. The thought of holiday shopping makes me cringe because the holidays and retail bring out the U.G.L.Y in people. This is where online shopping has become my favorite!



Tuesday Coffee chat….

Happy Tuesday! I have my afternoon coffee with a little extra sumpin-sumpin and I have my fuzzy slippers on.

Why… Please see below


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 4.44.47 PM


Today is Coffee Chat with my good friend Rory! Click on this link first. Time Out for Mom

Time out for Mom

Today’s topic – “are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

I have completed the following today.

I went to work for 5 hours and left at 12 to pick up both kids and make it to our dental appointments with a new dentist which I am thrilled to report that EVERYONE is cavity free!!!

Dancing Teeth

We do however, myself included need to do a bit better on the brushing front. I am really good about brushing in the morning because I have coffee and NO ONE wants to smell that including me. I am really bad about the brushing before bed. It just becomes a lot of work to get back out of bed to go complete this 2 minute tasks because the idea of sleep has really already taken hold and I can feel my body letting go.

So I told my kids today when we left the dental office that if we needed to make this a family event at night to ensure everyone is brushing AND flossing we will. You can just imagine what they thought of this grand idea.

Anyway, after we got home I did the following :

Called a guy who turned out to be a kid (maybe not much older than my own son) to come paint  and patch a whole in our garage door for cheap because we haven’t and NEED TO GET IT DONE.

Balanced the checkbook – which of course is pointless and depressing.


Here is what I haven’t done and need to.

Finish a card for the next card swap I am attending in two weeks.

Gone through the amazing family portraits we had taken some time ago, pick the favorites and order the prints and holiday cards.  I seem to always wait until the last minute for this because, well I am just that way.

As for letting things go that I can’t seem to…

My back yard.

I have in my brain this imagery of what I want to see when I walk out in the back yard.

But this is more along the lines of what is reality but still not my yard. (some picture I found when I google’d “empty back yards”

I know that I have a blank canvas and it takes time to make art.

Not really sure what my hang up is only that I am stuck.

I will get there. Can’t say I will let it go, but I will get there.

Happy Tuesday night!