Happy Thanksgiving!

If you could write your memoir, what would the title of it be?

I am lucky once again get to join in over at Coach Daddy to share in 6 simple words what I believe my life would be called if I wrote about it. While your there, check out all the other fun contributions and fellow bloggers words of wisdom!

I don’t think my life is a train wreck all the time, it has definitely been an amazing and wild ride for sure!  I am very blessed and grateful for my family and friends, new and old and all of the people in my life that make each day the adventure it is.

Everything else is just a bonus!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and relaxing long weekend!

Coffee Chat’s This OR That?

I love that it is already Tuesday!

One day closer to the long holiday weekend in which I am ever so thankful for!

Time at home with my kids and hubby and the ability to stay in my PJ’s more than one day!
(it really is the little things that make me happy)

Onward to our fabulous host over at Ink Interrupted for this weeks

Time out for Mom

This weeks discussion is This or That?

I am going to answer a few of Rory’s questions and throw some of my own in.

  1. Heals or sneakers? Rory said boots and while I love shoes, honestly, I really prefer to be barefoot. I have a closet full of fun flats, heals and boots that I peal off as soon as I get home into my bare feet because that is what makes me most comfy.
  2. Coke or Pepsi – Coke over Pepsi, but Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke. I am weird, k.
  3. Tomboy or Girlie Girl – I can be the best of both on any given day.
  4. Nap or Read – Read which leads to a nap as in what happened on Sunday while reading and not because the book was bad, but just because I could!
  5. Karaoke or Bowling – bowling because I can use the bumpers :-)
  6. Pizza or Sushi – Pizza hands down.
  7. Rain or Shine – While I honestly prefer the sun, every now and then a rainy day is okay!
  8. Single or Taken – married almost 21 years 😉
  9. Dress or Jeans – Jeans please
  10. Exercise or Couch – ha, the struggle is real here because it is winter after all and the couch beckons with its blankets and fall TV shows.
  11. Library or cafe – My library has a cafe – WINNER!
  12. Jock or Nerds – Nerds rule
  13. Marvel or DC – Marvel with the tiniest exception of Superman, Sorry, but hello…
  14. Summer or winter – Winter, I hate being hot.
  15. Country or rock –  a little of both please.
  16. Early morning or late night – early morning before the rest of the world wakes up
  17. Mac or PC – My house has both sadly.
  18. Doritos or Cheetos – both leave your fingers orange, but I have to say Doritos
  19. Cat or Dog – I have both.
  20. Poker or Monopoly – Monopoly because math scares me.

Say it with Stickers!

My best friend and I have really mature, awesome conversations using the Facebook messenger app and with a little help from the fun stickers one can download to use for expressions in place of actual words.

As shown below in our most recent discussion.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.49.14 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.50.09 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.52.10 PM

Thank you Heather for always making me smile!

Love and hugs!

Guest post over at Coach Daddy’s!

Good morning all!

Instead of a Wordless Wednesday this week, I was invited over to a fabulous friend of mine blog to share some fun and insightful challenges many parents share. I am no expert, just a mom working her way through the turbulent but never boring teen years with my daughter.

Hop over to Eli’s over at Coach Daddy – Guest Post to check out my contribution to his amazing blog and while you are there, be sure to wish him the happiest of birthdays which is today!



Coffee Chat Tuesday – Smile and the world smiles back!

Good morning!

First, brrrrr!

We are enduring some cooler weather today and while most of the school districts are closed, my children are preparing their day because of course, our district is STILL OPEN!  Sigh….

Second, it’s that time of the week again where we hop over to Ink Interrupted to chat.

This weeks theme is “What do you hope to  be remembered for?”

I was just talking about this with another friend and I feel my answer is the same.

I want to be remembered for being the person that makes others smile in their day.

My mission is simple, I start my day off with a smile and hope to just spread it around like a
contagion that infects everyone who enters my personal bubble of happiness.

To ensure my children and husband know how they ruled my world and I love every minute of it even those moments when I feel like removing one of them from it (insert snarky laugh here)

With all the ugly in the world, we need more smiles thrown around!



Coffee Chat – Volunteers Rock!


This weeks question is “do you volunteer?”

I have and still do.

When the kids were little and in grade school I think I spent more time up at the school as a volunteer than I did as a parent. I was at any given week day:

  • Room mother
  • PTA member
  • Field day coordinator
  • Field trip helper – DO NOT EVER DO THIS.. such a bad idea. It took me twice to learn this lesson, if other parents volunteer LET them and just enjoy your day off! Kids are evil on field trips. Their brains turn off and all sense and reasoning skills used in a classroom environment disappear and are replaced with the need to touch everything they are not supposed touch, run when they should walk, chatter instead of listen and my favorite, disappear!  I lost MY OWN KID during a field trip. Talk about embarrassing.
  • Lunch bunch – another one I didn’t learn my lesson on. Going to school to help with grade level lunches 15 + years ago. Kids in elementary school do not eat. They do everything but eat. They play with their food, &  juice or milk box. Steal food, smear food, throw food, spray food, I could go on and on. Sounds like fun eh?

Then once my kids got into middle school I dialed it waaaaay back and only volunteered for snacks on testing days because I could bake up a bazillion muffins and drop them off at the front office and be done. I also attended the occasional field trip where we visited a college campus or the Colorado symphony. Those were fun! When they entered into high school, I offered my services again with providing snacks for the clubs they are in. Otherwise, working full time sucks what little time I am able to provide and I have learned, there are PLENTY of moms out there happy to serve. It is a group of woman that kinda scare me, so I stay away.

These days, my volunteer work resides around things that are important to me. Last year I signed up for the Relay for Life and at the same time, my office decided to put together a wellness team to promote a healthy lifestyle not just at work, but at home too. I helped created crafty boards in our office of whatever our challenge or theme of the month that looked like they belonged in a kindergarten classroom. Everyone in the office gets the biggest kick out of them! We just celebrated a year of our wellness team and I am really excited about our next endeavor.

I’d like to someday volunteer my time at a youth center to help kids from other walks of life deal with the day to day struggles. Until that time, I am good with where things are now.


Here is to a wonderful day!


Monday’s music – Dibs on romance!

I really hate how fast the weekends go and how slow the weeks go. Is there anyone out there that has figured out the means to flip the two? Speak up already would ya :-) So my weekend was fabulous, I cannot lie. I spent time with some amazing ladies and made cards for 90% of it, finished up a  two blog posts, talked with another good friend and watched some TV with my main squeeze. Came home to discover my daughter re-arranged her entire room because she had lost her socializing privileges, so why not right? My son works most weekends making a rare appearance from time to time.

This is my life!

I pulled out my Shazam app so that I could share a few of the tags that caught my attention this weekend and share them this Monday! I missed last week due to other distractions.
PhotobucketSomething about these two’s guys voices got my attention!

This is one by Jana Kramer of course explains itself!

This girl is adorable!

And well, this guy is a cutie too! This song makes me weak in the knees, just saying.


So there ya have it, a little romance for this you this lovely and chilly morning!