Sunday’s Bliss


Good morning,

I went for a walk this morning and rather than pull out my phone to capture the beauty, I embraced the calm.

I watched the leaves fall one by one like rain.

If only my eyes could take pictures.

I walked through the trails littered with leaves that were colored in red, yellow and orange.

The wind carried just a hint of a fireplace burning somewhere .

The sun peaked through the trees that have yet to let go of their leaves as they are taking their time, granting us a colorful show.

This year fall has certainly not disappointed us. This is my time of year.

I found this quote that seemed perfect for my thoughts this morning.

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Coffee Chat: Autumn Fun


Tuesday, October 4th, 2016
Fall Asesthetic –  What gets you in the mood for the Fall Season?   
Pumpkin Spice?  Wool sweaters and knee high boots?  
Candy Corn?   
Let’s all get cozy with warm thoughts as we head into Autumn.

Did you know that this time of year turns me into a giddy small child because life cannot possible be any better than it is when the leaves turn bright red, orange and yellow. Reminding us that change is good.

It can be renewing and refreshing.

It can be sweet!

It’s that beautiful, wonderful time of the year! 😍#candycorn

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It can be chilly but warm!

TGIF! #starbucks seasonal cups! 😍

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It can be a blast with friends!

Happy Halloween!

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Today also is a day of celebration for the gal on my right – today is her birthday and I wish her many, many blessings and wishes and tons of love!

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