Tuesday’s Coffee Chat breaking in Summertime!

Happy Tuesday!!!

After the long weekend I am ready to conquer the week…I think.

Let me start it off right by joining up with my friend over at Time Out for Mom and her fun blog hop known as Coffee Chat.

Time out for Mom

This weeks topic is – Do you have a go to Summer Song, or do you find a new one each Season?

I do, I do. I love music! It helps get me through my day and depending on the day, the music changes. Country, R & B, easy listening, and a little oldie but goodie tune could pop up on my ipod.

The first tune that popped into my brain with this topic was none other than this amazing group!

Followed by another favorite!

and this one!

Okay, I think I will leave it at that!

We are officially on summer break and my kids are still sleeping!

Have a great on!!!!


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Monday!

While we are enjoying a longer weekend that I am very appreciative of, I am not blind to the reason in which I have this day off.

I am jumping on board a hop I haven’t joined in a while. Check out my friend over at Xmas Dolly and her Monday’s Music Moves Me.

This weeks theme is Inspirational tunes!

The first one I thought of has become one of my new favorites!

And then in honor of today here is an oldie but goodie!

Thank you to all those that provide us with the freedoms we tend to take for granted!

Tuesday’s Coffee Chat – Photo op!

Happy Tuesday!

This is the last week of school with just two more days until the kids are officially on summer break and I am not stressed about homework, grades and mean girls.

Jump over and say hi to my friend Time Out for Mom and check out her Tuesdays coffee chat.

Time out for Mom

This weeks topic: The last photo you took with a cell phone, or a camera:  Write a story about the picture in 10 sentences or less.
I took a screen shot of this text that I received last week from my amazing hubby because I knew I would want to share it on my blog and this weeks hop was simply perfect timing!
He truly makes me the happiest woman on this planet.

Learning to raise Teenagers!

Happy Sunday!!!

I didn’t blog much at all this week because we are on the countdown to the end of school and beginning of summer.

If my life were a Facebook Status, it would be the following.

Two alien like beings that closely resemble my kids have moved into our home.                             I have locked myself in my office until they have realized that their survival depends on food, water, clean clothes and safe passage to school; all of which I provide.






Happy Mother’s Day 2015!

This mothers day I wanted to do something different. As mothers we tend to get so lost in keeping all of our loved ones healthy and the home clean we tend to let ourselves go. Always working, always cleaning, running around to maintain a happy healthy home.

My hubby asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and my answer was simple.


Even the silly ones that everyone ignores. To wake up and have my coffee and not get distracted by the following:

1. Dishes in the sink and a full dishwasher of clean dishes waiting to be put away.

2. Emptying the trash and recycling cans as they are both overflowing. My son’s newest habit is placing the milk carton on the floor next to the recycling can because it’s too full and taking it out clearly doesn’t register in his brain.

3. Picking up all the clutter from the kitchen counter and either tossing it or finding it a home. You know, coupons, keys, yearbooks, junk mail, empty grocery bags, my daughters necklace, my sons ear-buds, etc….

4. Going into the living room to watch TV but first, pick up all the throw blankets on the floor just to get to the TV.

5. Planning dinner at 8am.

6. Laundry

7. Sweeping the kitchen floor after stepping on a crumb that stuck to my bare foot.

8. Cleaning the window of the dogs nose prints because it’s so bad I don’t recall when we cleaned it last… sigh.

9. Running to the store for milk

10. Wiping down the kitchen counters after making ANYTHING at all.

That would be awesome. Sure seems silly, but I know I am not alone in this battle. To see my family doing one of the above without my direction to do so would be awesome.

On a side note, I did get a pretty awesome gift.

Fitbit Charge

To my amazing hubby you’re best!

To all you mothers, aunts, grandmother, sisters, friends and men who have played the mom role in anyway, CHEERS TO YOU!

The Friday Follow 4 Fill In!

Look what I am doing on time this week! Stop by my friend Hilary’s over at Feelie Beachie

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. When I feel ___ I like to ____
  2. ____ is my favorite ____
  3. If I could add one thing to my house it would be ____
  4. I would plant ___ in my garden but not ___

1. When I feel down, I like to write about it. Sometimes I share it with you all, other times I don’t.

2. Saturday is my favorite day because while I usually have tons to do, I am in no hurry to do it!

3. If I could add one thing to my house it would be more windows to let more light in.

4. I would plant Lilly’s on my garden but not roses because of thorns.


TGIF everyone!

Time to GET NAKED!!!!


Two posts in one day, pretty amazing if I do say so myself. This one is more of PSA and something near and dear to my heart!

The social media sites are being spammed with post after post but I promise you, I will not do that. I may tweak it before the end of the month with additional info, but really, I am just about sharing what I know first hand and not annoying you.

What is Melanoma and the Warning signs for Skin Cancer

Maybe you don’t know, but this July I will celebrate 13 years as a skin cancer survivor.

My battle started back in 2002 when I was diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma found on my back, again in 2008, again on my back and than most recently in 2014 on my right arm. In between those three melanomas battles, I have had countless Basel cell carcinomas & aggressive A-typical moles removed from just about every area of my body. There are many forms of skin cancer with Melanoma being the deadliest. My collection of scars is pretty fabulous!

I count myself as one of the lucky ones having been so diligent all these years with my check ups to have caught the cancer in its early stages each time requiring a simple surgery of “cutting it out”. I know many who have had not been as lucky and they have gone on a journey with chemo, radiation and other means of medication as well as major surgery. While others, sadly have lost their battles to this horrible disease.  All and all, the treatments and the journeys all boil down to be life changing for everyone who has ever had to deal with skin cancer.

Did you know that skin cancer is on the rise, specially among teenagers and college students due to indoor tanning. Read more at following link. Tanning – SkinCancer.org

Did you know too, that those who endured 5 or more blistering sunburns as a child have an 80% chance of developing melanoma! This is why I am battling this disease now. I remember many really “good” sunburns from my youth very well as they were not only painful,but covered both sides of my body because being a child of the 80’s, we spent our days outside, all day in the pool with ZERO sunblock. We used “tanning oil”. We thought we were cool because after a few days of pain, resulting from blistered and pealing skin, we had a beautiful glowing tan!

Remember this ad????????

I am very happy with the skin I am in these days. Freckles, scars and pale skin and all.

Here is a fun fact for you. Skin cancer when caught in its early stages, is 100% curable.

Don’t avoid the sun. Embrace it and protect yourself. Hat, sunglasses, long sleeves and sunblock with an SPF of at least a 15 are key. If you are like me and enjoy being outside, reapply sunscreen every two hours or sooner when swimming. I don’t leave my house without applying an SPF of 25 to 50 to any exposed skin. It is in my makeup, moisturizers and depending on the shirt, even my clothes!

Here is another interesting little tidbit. I live in the beautiful state of Colorado. For those that ski and do anything in the mountains, the rate in which one burns is faster due to higher elevation. Check out this link for more insightful information on how to protect yourself against the dangers of the sun. The Mini Skin Cancer Prevention Handbook

Know your skin and know your spots. If something looks off, have it checked. Never fear asking a doctor to check a spot. If they think it looks fine and you’re not convinced, seek a second opinion. A good dermatologist will not argue with you about having a spot biopsied.Everyone should visit a dermatologist once a year. For those of us that have had a history with any form of skin cancer, they recommend twice a year. For those like myself with a bad history, I am going in for check ups every three months, that’s 4 times a year which sometimes leads to 5 and than 6. It all depends on the biopsy results. Because I do go on time without fail, I have caught each case early on, making the treatment simple. It is still annoying, painful and frustrating as hell, but simple.

Here is the inspiration for the month of May! While this form of getting naked isn’t my idea of a good time, I do get naked because it has saved my life three times over and more!


check out their website for how you can spread the word!!! Get Naked

If you have questions, please inquire. I am happy to answer them.

If you are a Melanoma survivor and need sunscreen and lip balm, call this fabulous lady, she will hook you up. Heather Fall – Mary Kay

Tell her I sent you! She is running a campaign for her Mary Kay business with my help. Check it out!!! Tiffany’s Toosh






3 weeks until summer!!!

Happy Saturday!

Happy May 2nd!

I have entered a time in which blogging seems to have taken a back seat completely. I have no excuses other than time or lack of it.

The kids are out of school in three weeks. THREE WEEKS. Not sure who is more excited, the kids or me.


Anyway, gonna try to knock two hops out in one post.

On Friday, my friend over at Feelie Beachie hosts a fun little hop.

Feeling Beachie

  1. I hate to wear ______________________,but love to wear ________
  2. Hearing ________________________  makes me feel ___________
  3. I have a _______________ on my ________________
  4. I wish I could say _________ to __________________

My Answers:

1. I hate to wear shorts but love to wear Capri’s

2. Hearing my kids talk to each other about their day makes me feel very lucky and blessed. They are the best of friends.

3. I have a grande Carmel Flan from Starbucks on my desk this morning.

4. I wish I could say that the drama girls create in middle school stays there to my daughter but we both know that it never really goes away. We just have to ensure that we remover ourselves from those that attract it.

Feeding off #4 the last two weeks have been a bit of a challenge for both my daughter and myself. She is growing up and while she wants certain freedoms, she has become all to aware, that she is still a child, err, young adult. I can’t express how proud I am of her as she continues to lean on me for support and not shut me out. It’s been really hard watching her go through some of the challenges girls face as this age. I want to shield her from everything but that wouldn’t teach her anything, so I have just sat back and waited patiently while still ensuring she is safe.

Which brings me to this this fun blog hop my friend host on Tuesdays, Time Out for Mom

Time out for MomAnd the topic being – Right now is the perfect time to _____.



Right now is the prefect time to simple live.

Kids and adults don’t play outside much anymore because they have phones, computers and other electronic devices glued to their faces. MINE INCLUDED. Drives me bonkers.
Taking my daughter and her friend to school yesterday this was the conversation.

Friend – my mom is switching cable providers and they won’t be out until Monday which means we have no T.V, no computer and no internet ALL WEEKEND. My brother is really mad.

Daughter – Well that blows.

Me – Well now you can experience for two whole days how our generation lived every day of our teenage lives.

Girls – ……………….

Me – You will survive, I promise.

Girls – <insert loud, long sigh here>

So again, now is the perfect time to simply live. We are always on the go. Taking time to just live and really enjoy life. Go outside, breath in fresh air, ride bikes or throw a Frisbee. Anything that doesn’t require a form of technology.

I have a love hate relationship with it. I love that I can share my thoughts with you here but that we seem to have succumbed to the fact that we can’t leave our homes or go to the bathroom without our darn phones.


Sunday’s Prom Recap

Last night our 17 year attended his schools Jr/Sr prom.

Ten years ago this kid was drowning himself in every weapon Nerf made and Lord of the Ring action figures.

Last night, he put on a Tux!

IMG_2851-imp My favorite two men!!!

IMG_2857-impMy son with his girlfriend who is just as sweet as she can be.

School is out in 4 weeks!