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Excuse me for a moment while I sweep away the cobwebs left from Halloween…

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And recover from a beautiful Thanksgiving at my wonderful nieces who educated us further on the world of Friends.

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And now today I noticed that I have posted…

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So why post today you ask?

I got an email. You know the one with 6 words? I refer to it about once a month because it appears in my inbox and makes me actually think.

Thinking is good. Keeps the mind fresh and the ideas running.

Thinking is also dangerous, over-rated and at times hard.

So is adulting, but that is for another post.

Today,  I am just going to leave this hear for you  6 Words with Coach Daddy and say thank you for swinging by and for those that know me, not leaving me.

X.O.X O.



6 words – Bragging Rights

Good morning!

Cobwebs are starting to form in corners of my front porch and this little place I call my blog home. I always have the best of intentions to sit and write and then well…

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I did find a quick moment to join up with my friend Eli over at his place and am spreading the love as always. This month we are stepping up on our little soap boxes to brag about our space.

Go say hi and spread the love!

6 Words with Coach Daddy


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