I scarred my child…

Has anyone else scarred their child in their youth by caring for them in such a manner that it would forever be in their memory bank filed under ” How dare they make me do that”?

Our daughter stopped by last week to have dinner with us and catch up and while sitting at the kitchen bar, she shared a Instagram post that made her laugh and say she related REALLY well. When she showed it to me, we both laughed!

Without saying a word I knew where she was going with this moment in time. While she was a little younger than 9, she remembered this moment like it was yesterday. She recalls being really upset and mad at me.

The FIT this child threw because I made her wear a white, long sleeve shirt under her Tinker Bell costume because its FREEZING outside.

This picture documents her sweet smile moments before she had a Total.Melt.Down and told me she didn’t like me because I was making her wear it. 

Happy to report she did keep the shirt on and quickly forgot it about once the candy started filling her bag and people commented on adorable and pretty she,

And years later, laugh with me at this moment in time.

Happy Monday all!


I have some amazing women in my life and at the same time, not so great. Each one of them has touched my life in some manner which has taught me the value of a real friend. I am not the easiest person to be friends with because I am very guarded. Those who know me, understand this.

I saw this article and it hit home and wanted to share. We Are Friends for a Reason

Love and hugs!