My Friend Hilary!

I love this book and adore the person who wrote it!

Hilary has taken the experiences so many woman have personally gone through and made it relatable and fun.  She tells the story in a way that makes us feel that we aren’t as crazy as we sometimes think, even if the truth is we maybe are.

It’s the story of a woman who’s world is tossed upside down. Claire has to overcome the obstacles of an ugly divorce to a man whom she once upon a time adored and juggle motherhood, friendships both real and fake and the daunting task of dating to find real love again.

It’s about self discovery, love, honesty, patience and how to deal with bullies at an age when bullies shouldn’t exist anymore. Claire handles herself with grace and style and made me laugh and cry wishing I was right there to be at her side and say “you got this”!

It’s a wonderful feel good and fun chick flick movie, only on paper!

In additional to her book release, Hilary has a raffle taking place.

$25.00 Gift Card to Starbucks

Below are the details to how you can get your hands on this delightful read!

Mom Genes is available on all ebook retailers for $2.99.  

Below are links for all sites:
Amazon & Noble – – – Link to all the books – Play –

Also by Hilary and to celebrate the publication of Mom Genes, her other books, Go On, Girl will be free from 3/23 – 3/27 WITH a special pre-order for Mom Boss – the next book in the series on Amazon with a discounted price of $1.99.  ( YAY, cannot wait for this one!)

Links for all three books are:

Go now and get your copy!

Love and hugs!

New Year, new decade

I dusted this little space of mine off to wish all of you a wonderful New Year and a New Decade.

Here is to…

being you.

doing what makes you happy

eating what you want

working out if you chose

new challenges

staying up late

waking up early

sleeping in

learning new things

rediscovering old talents

Saying no guilt free

honest and real friendships

new friendships

old friendships


writing more

reading more

disconnecting more

aging beautifully

staying young

being kind

teachable moments

accepting failure and embracing success humbly

the little things

new beginnings

coffee & wine

laughing more, regardless.

I scarred my child…

Has anyone else scarred their child in their youth by caring for them in such a manner that it would forever be in their memory bank filed under ” How dare they make me do that”?

Our daughter stopped by last week to have dinner with us and catch up and while sitting at the kitchen bar, she shared a Instagram post that made her laugh and say she related REALLY well. When she showed it to me, we both laughed!

Without saying a word I knew where she was going with this moment in time. While she was a little younger than 9, she remembered this moment like it was yesterday. She recalls being really upset and mad at me.

The FIT this child threw because I made her wear a white, long sleeve shirt under her Tinker Bell costume because its FREEZING outside.

This picture documents her sweet smile moments before she had a Total.Melt.Down and told me she didn’t like me because I was making her wear it. 

Happy to report she did keep the shirt on and quickly forgot it about once the candy started filling her bag and people commented on adorable and pretty she,

And years later, laugh with me at this moment in time.

Happy Monday all!

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