Wordless Wednesday : 21 Years of Bliss

Wedding 1-imp

21 years ago TODAY – I married this amazing man and my best friend. Thank you for sharing your life with me my love! I wouldn’t want it any other way!


Wedding 2-imp

We were literally just old enough to enjoy those classes of champagne! Such a great night and fabulous memories!


Wedding 3-imp

I love and adore this man!

Tuesday’s Coffee Chat: Time for some lovin


Maybe you have seen these little comics from a lifetime ago…Love Is…

Love Is... what keeps you afloat.

My grandmother used to cut these out and send them in the mail to me when I was little.

I’m joining up again over at Ink Interrupted with Rory and some coffee talking about love!

Time out for Mom

February is a special month to me, not just because it is Valentines, but because it is when my hubby and I tied the knot! We married young, started a family soon after and have grown up together. I knew him before he was the amazing man he is today.

We have conquered a million mountains, rejoiced in even more celebrations, broke apart and found our way back to each other. Our marriage isn’t perfect nor easy, (who’s is) but its ours and we work every day to keep it alive, nurtured and going! I cannot imagine traveling down this path with anyone else but my husband because the ride has been a pretty fantastic and memorable one with so many more memories to make!

He is my very best friend!

That said, I started jotting down things some time ago about all the little things that he and I do out of the love we share for each other. I believe the little things make each day what it is and matter more than some think.

Love is…

Packing a lunch for your better half
Buying things like toilet paper and tooth paste, together.
Love notes hidden in a lunch box, dashboard of a car or on the bed pillow
(this one is my favorite)
Taking the day off together for each others birthdays and your anniversary to just hang.

ComicSending cute emails to each other- this is from my hubby to me and very accurate!

Helping clean the fish tank (when I said I never would)
Cooking dinner together
An “I love you” text out of the blue
Buying their favorite candy just because
martini 11181928_10208096022014575_251564199121432116_n

Making their favorite drink after a hard day at work

Turning on the electric blanket early so the beds nice and toasty in the winter before you climb in
Setting up a website server and being the #1 fan of your blog.
Showing up at the office with a bouquet of tulips on Valentines Day!
(two years ago, a wonderful surprise!)
Helping him pick out a new tie or two…



Whispering “sweet nothings” into their ear. This picture is 12 years old and one of my favorites

Make sure you hope over and enjoy a cup of coffee chat!



Monday’s Music and Bronco’s Win!

Happy Monday!

In case you missed it last night, Bronco’s won the Superbowl and I fear many will be wishing they had the day off today.

I am keeping my musical selections short and simple this week.

It’s the week leading up to a day that most either…




I agree, it is 100% a Hallmark holiday!

We make it fun in our house. It’s all about the kids and fun little reminders that they are pretty awesome!

We also celebrate something bigger a few days before Valentines day, my hubby and I!

Stay tuned, more to come on that little snippet!

In the meantime, here is my Country contribution to this weeks Music Mondays!


Have a great day!