Music Monday : Get your Fix


How is it already Monday???

Lets not waste any time and get our feet moving. This weeks theme is a freebie so I am going to relay on my Shazam tags because I can’t think yet this morning.

So here are the last three songs I tagged on Shazam to download later to my musical library. It was a good day for country music on my shazam. 🙂

This one is just fun!

There isn’t an actual video for this one that I could find, but here is the live performance.

And then there is this one – from a favorite of mine.

and one more because this is another fun one!

Friday’s Funny


So I have a great story to share, I just haven’t finished it and don’t want to rush it because that would ruin it.

So I will simply leave you all with a smile to start your Friday off right.

(I have posted this little gif  before and I just love it, so here it is again)


Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!



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