Friday’s Funny

Good morning!

I love when my family gives me the ability to share with you the humor we share among each other. Laughter is what makes life tolerable.

This week I saw this post on Instagram from a fellow blogger I follow:

So I shared it with my daughter who isn’t away at college – BUT who can relate to this post all to well as shown below….

Have a fantastic Friday and may the little things make you laugh.



Coffee Chat: What Should Rory Do?


Okay, I did a teaser post about something new I am working on and that will continue but not until around July. Just know, its been alot of fun thus far and I look forward to sharing more.

In the meantime, I am hopping over to my old and stunning friend Rory who hosts Ink Interrupted

Life as moms keeps us busy but we have checked in from time to time via Messenger, Twitter and Instagram. Snapchat I think is the only one we haven’t ventured over to and while I can’t speak for her, I am on there with my daughter and some others and it’s nothing if not an entertaining means of chatter. One in which I still have no idea how to really use.

Anyway, back to where I was going. Rory hosts a link up on Tuesdays known as Coffee Chat and I have not been around her place for a quiet a spell to take part. This week’s was one I happen to click on while enjoy the nanosecond of free time I found myself having and went to catch up. So glad I did.

This weeks link is a really good one that I wanted to share.

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

It’s my birthday and Mother’s Day soon…
what should I do?

Truly, every moms hope and wish on mothers day and her birthday is to simply

“be free”

Free of of the following:







Yard work (excludes gardening, we want to do that.)


Household chores… etc.

You get the idea. here’s a comic just in case….

We want to “be free” to do the following if even for one day or a few hours:



Enjoy our coffee HOT the first time around… in bed

Snacking; that we didn’t have to prepare


Visit with friends – uninterrupted

Sit in silence

Watch movies – made for moms – cartoon free and makes us feel good

Garden (not to be confused with yard work)




Walk in nature

Drink wine


All in our pajamas should we choose.

We just want a day that is ours.  We just want to know that for one day, we can just enjoy an honest day of R & R . That maybe instead of us running the house and caring for everyone, everyone will care for us and the house.

That is what I think Rory should do for her Birthday and Mothers Day.

Be showered with all the things that make her, her!

Happy Mothers Day and the Happiest of Birthdays my sweet, wonderful, talented friend!

Teaser Post!


Hi guys!

I am doing something on this little space of mine that has never been done before…  

I am doing my first product review!

Of what you may be wondering?

This arrived in my mail today!

I was approached by a ThirdLove – known to be the Best Fitting Bra!

I know you have seen the ads – if you are here, you are hopefully on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook too!

This isn’t the actual review, that will come much later – around July.

In the meantime – they gave me this little code – TLSPRING10 – to pass onto my readers that may be equally as intrigued to try the product.

Are you interested, check them out here ThirdLove

Don’t forget to use the code TLSPRING10!

Stay tuned for more as I journey down a new and adventurous side of the blogger world.

Let me add that I am not receiving any compensation for my experience or commentary. It’s just a fun and different direction and the right kick I needed to bring my little blog back life.


Love and hugs!

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