A really bad case of the Mondays!

Have you ever had a case of the Mondays that lasted all week.

That was me last week. All the little irritations that make Monday’s kinda blow, well it seemed to be the theme for last week. SO much so that I started taking notes!

Monday started off with my discovery that we had no coffee creamer in the fridge.

While I love coffee, I do not drink it black because that is well, gross.

I got to work to discover one of the buttons on my dress had gone missing and I                        had to be creative and use a “push pin” from my cork board.

I got new glasses and the prescription is new and stronger making me feel like this.

I had knee surgery back in June and while recovery has been successful and I am doing great, I have this really bad habit of cornering my desk at work with either my hip OR, yes you guess it, my knee.

I am usually very well versed at work with little to no profanity that is spoken out loud.

Not this day, nope. Stupid knee and stupid desk.


Lastly for the week is always my favorite. The parking spaces at my office were made in the day when vehicles weren’t the size they are now combined with the ” I live in a bubble so there isn’t anyway someone can hurt me” mind set of some people in our society. I was leaving to go to lunch and walked out to find my car like this.


( neither of these are my car but this accurately shows what happened.) I had to crawl over the passenger seat in a dress to get into my car. Sigh, the nerve of people.

So that was my week in a nutshell – a little annoyance each day that seemed to stick with me because the week was just in the constant state of Monday.

Happy to announce this week has started of way, waaaaaaay better.


Monday’s music Moves me!

Happy Monday!!!!

Here are some tunes to put a step in your pep!

X-Mas Dolly runs a fun music hop every Monday and yesterday I went to a wedding shower where the theme was based around oldie but goodies rock ‘N” roll.

Thankfully, there was no crying at this party but this song had everyone singing.

And this one made me want to come home and watch only one of the best movies EVER!


Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday’s Blog hop mash up

Happy Saturday. I have been around, just not around here. I found I was either lost in a book or some home project or dealing with a sinus infection. I tried to compose a post last week and sadly, just wasn’t feeling it.

It happens and it’s okay, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

So as you know I follow a fun little hop every Friday. yes, I am a day behind, shocker.

Please stop by my friend Hilary over at her blog Feelie Beachie

Feeling Beachie
The statements:

1. I love the _____
2. __ isn’t my favorite _____
3. I always cry____ .
4. I used to ____ but I ____

1. I love the early mornings because even though I hate getting up, I am way more productive in the morning than I am at night. this morning I was up at 6, watered the lawn, did two loads of laundry, paid bills, cleaned my office and caught up on some blogs and enjoyed some coffee in the midst of it all.

2. Summer isn’t my favorite season because I hate being hot.

3. I always cry when I watch a sappy romance because who doesn’t love a good cry now and then?

4. I used to like to read crime dramas but I have since learned my tolerance for graphic descriptions of the murder scene is about as tough as watching them which is non-existent.

(thus the reason it is taking me forever to finish my current novel- I have to put it down after the crime scene and cuddle with the dog)

Which I will squeeze in another blog hop – Stacy Uncorked – WW with my daughters latest and greatest “selfie” with our Corgi, Penny.



Here is to a fabulous weekend!

TGIF and some fill in the blanks!

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I hate going to _______ because _____
  2. I want more __________________ and less __________
  3. I have regifted _______________ from _____________
  4. _____________________ is the secret to _______

1. I hate going to the store because it requires large sums of $$$ and only lasts a few days because I have two teenagers. One being a very tall  young man. 

2. I want more time that involves play and less time that revolves around work.

3. I have re-gifted birthday gifts from friends who gave me things I really had no idea what to with.

4. Wine is the secret to my sanity. Takes the edge right off of whatever has me stressed.

PSA and Mary Kay


PSA coming your way because it is what I do for friends!

I was putting on my face, err make- up and it realized I was running low on mascara.

Once upon a time I didn’t wear mascara, just liner and shadow. I have gotten older and learned a bit more about what make up trends work for me and which ones do not. l like a very simple and clean look. I don’t lake the layered look. I am a BIG fan of the less is more look. So mascara has become one of my favorites as I have finally found one that doesn’t irritate my eyes!!!

Lash Love® Lengthening Mascara

So I text my friend Heather and mentioned I needed some mascara. She is awesome.

Heather Fall – Mark Kay

She happens to be one of the most amazing ladies I have ever met. Not only do I consider her one of my very best friends, but she is also my personal Mary Kay director. So when I run out of certain items like mascara, rather than making a trip to the store, I just text her the items I need and they magically show up on my door. Sometimes the same day!

She also runs a campaign for her business called Tiffany’s Toosh  which is pretty spectacular for all those that have dealt with skin cancer; Melanoma to be specific. If you have had Melanoma, give her a call for a free bottle of another one of my favorite products.


Happy Thursday beautiful ones!


Random Thought Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

As a parent to two wonderful teenagers, there is a struggle going on in our home.

It is real folks.

The challenge of putting a dirty dish into the dishwasher is something of mystery to my kids. I will leave the  kitchen SPOTLESS before returning to work only to come home to find a single bowl and spoon in the corner of the sink.

Sooooooooo, yesterday I became that really, annoying, nagging, pest of a parent to both of them when I made them each, come back to the kitchen to put away THEIR dishes. A small, drawn our whine crept up from the basement where my daughter hides herself and the look of utter disgust from my son were classic.

And speaking of my darling young man-child.

He has his first job interview today and his dad and I have been talking to him about the right questions to ask, what to wear, when to arrive, etc, etc…

Rest assured though, our 17 and 3/4 of a year old knows what he is doing.

I reference one of my favorite comics often and this seems like a great opportunity to do it again.

Pray for us and him that he gets this job. It may just save his life.


My friend over at Time Out for Mom is taking a summer break from her weekly Coffee chat, but I do encourage you to stop by her blog from time to time to check out her awesome photography skills and beautiful sense of humor. In the meantime, stop by my other good blogger buddy over at Stacy Uncorked for her Random Thoughts Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday!


Monday’s Music – and more rain

This switch is by far my favorite thing today!.


We had a wonderful long, amazing, restful 4th of July weekend!

Woke up to rainy Monday!

This song pretty much sums it up how I wish it were Sunday instead!

Here is a new favorite!

And then just because we need a little fun this afternoon.

Last Coffee Chat for the summer

Happy Tuesday!

Today is the last coffee chat of the summer for my friend Rory over at Time Out for Mom until sometime in the fall when school is back in session and we get our hour or two back of some quality “me time”.


So a major thumbs ups for Rory for hosting such a fun blog hop!!!! She is truly awesome!

This weeks topic is “what is on your summer fun list”!

Honestly, for us. We are a simple, low key family. We like to watch movies and relax.

But a good list for us might go something like this.

1. Go camping when time allows.                                                                                                                This year, I think I may convince my family that camping in the back yard is just as cool as camping up in the wilderness and the biggest perk is the facilities are clean and close to home :-)

2. Read more

3. Add a rail to the front porch – which is in the works.                                                                         Or shall I say, I have mentioned to the hubby and son that their “shift” is up.  They will build, the daughter and I will paint.

4.Painting the master bedroom and adding a window bench.

5. Visit a few more national parks close to home, Royal Gorge, Garden of the Gods, see the Great Sand Dunes again. etc…

6. Play more board games

7. Go swimming

8. Go hiking

9. Enjoy doing nothing

10. Ignore all of the above and just enjoy life.

Adulthood is over-rated really.

Stay tuned for pictures. I hear that people really, really like before and after shots.

Happy Summer!