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Okay, you know the deal – Each week, Hilary over at Feeling Beachie list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her.

If she uses them, she will add you as co-host to the hop! SHE REALLY NEED STATEMENTS! This week’s co-host is Kisma (THAT’S ME) from Sounds Like Life To Me. I came up with the last two statement.

Feeling Beachie
The statements are:
  1. Once I ____
  2. ___ isn’t ____
  3. One can __________________.
  4. I have _________________ for the______


1. Once I dreamed I would be a vet – then worked for one and quickly changed my mind.

2. Life isn’t always fair – enough said.

3. One can always trust their gut, as it can be our best defense mechanism.

4. I have had the worse headache for the last two days. See #2.


Tuesdays Coffee Chat – Lets talk about love

This weeks topic is

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

 Love.  Amour.   What is it?  Does it happen at first sight?  Do you only get one great love per life time?  How do YOU know love?

Be sure to stop over at my friends Time Out for Mom
Ha, this one is easy  for me.
What is love – Love is a beautiful, wonderful, sometimes ugly not to mention complicated mess and if you are lucky enough to find just one person to share it with – love is perfect!
I am among what seems to be a rare find these days being married to my high school sweet heart! When folks me how I met my hubby and I tell them we are high school sweet hearts, 99.9% of the time, this is the reaction I get.
The other 1% is “Really???” like I am lying or unsure as to what I just said.
It was love at first sight or in our case, love at first nod. Travel back with me to when we all had the mind set of a typically 18 year old girl who sets her sights for the first on the most beautiful man she has ever seen.
We are coming out of classrooms across the hall from each other – when our eyes meet – and  time literally stands still for what could be considered an eternity. And no words are spoken, just a sweet subtle smile followed by a nod.
This behavior continues on for days, before I make the grand declaration to my best friend that I find this beautiful man ” really, really hot” 
 to which he responds with ” oh yes – I know him, we work together”?  and ditches me in my shock in the hallway of a million kids because he knows I am going to kill him.
Fast forward a few days to where I am eagerly waiting for class to end so I can see the famous nod that has made my days complete. Once class is released, the halls fill with students, and I lay my eyes once again on this beautiful man, where he surprises me with none other than passing me a note.  (aka “old school” texting) followed by the nod
I couldn’t say anything… I was speechless. I went to my next class where I not only read the note, 100 times, but failed a history test because I couldn’t focus on it due to the fact that the note was his way of asking me out on a date. A DATE!!! ME – – with him! O.MG.
Can it get any sweeter!
It can!
Not to mention embarrassing when I later learned on that date ( because duh – I said yes) my best friend, the one I mentioned above – went to work the same night after I told him I thought the guy – who he worked with – WAS HOT. And shared the following with him!!!!
Direct quote ” I went to work and told him my best friend thinks your hot”
This worked really, really well in my favor, but was at the time a bit mortifying.
Do I believe in love at first sigh, HELL YES.
Do I believe you get more than one love in a lifetime – yes – because next to my husband, I have fallen love two more times since with my amazing children!
How do you know love – because it causes us to do things for others without thinking – we just do it. The littlest of things like love notes in lunch boxes after 20 years of marriage to the major things like sitting in bathroom for 4 hours while your loved one passes a kidney stone and later you manage to get them into your kids room because it’s closer so they can finally pass out from the pain.

(btw – the formatting on this is retarded and I got tired of fighting with it, please excuse my longer than life paragraph – I can’t figure out why it looks beautiful in the draft format but as soon as i “publish it, it all jumbles together – thoughts and advice apprieciated)

Tuesdays coffee: Who are you when you’re alone?

I skipped last weeks coffee chat because I was busy… over here at this wonderful place nestled in the mountains not far from my home.


With this amazing man


to celebrate a pretty big day!

A week ago was our 20th wedding anniversary! We lost ourselves for three days and lived like royalty – or at least it felt that way! The food was amazing, the weather was perfect and the room was breathtaking as were the views! I took very few photos because I was busy enjoying it and taking pictures with my mind. Imagine the best time ever away from home, no kids, no work or schedules, just time to kill and do nothing at all or everything you think of. That was us.

Then it was back to reality and here we are…. sigh. Life really needs to slow down more!

Moving over to my friends place at Time out for mom – lets catch up!



Dance like no one is watching.   
 Who are you when no one is watching?
This happens very rarely because as a mom and wife, when do I really have alone time?
Tonight in fact after watching a few TV shows with my family, I said I was going to head upstairs to take care of some things which included this post – before going to bed.
This was the reaction I got…
…and it wasn’t from my kids – no offense love.
Anyway, who I am when I am alone is:
  • A gal who likes to sing in the car like no one else can see me.
  • I like to disappear on long walks with the dog and just take in the world around me. NO music, just nature.
  • Make pretty cards when my mood is right.
  • I am the girl that will sit and stair out the window at nothing while drinking coffee on Saturday mornings because I can.
  • The girl who won’t feel bad because I haven’t dealt with the load of laundry that has been sitting in the machine for two days because I keep forgetting and really, what is one more hour when you have to re-run it again anyway!

Here is to a fabulous night!

Parenthood, Vodka and Valentines Day.

Last night my 17 year son and I accomplished a MONUMENTAL  step in our relationship. He took my car for the first time without me to go on a date with his girlfriend for Valentines Day.

This was me as he pulled away…..

A bottle of wine, a little shot of vodka wrapped in chocolate, a text that seemed like HOURS later confirming he arrived safely at his destination and I was breathing again.

My husband was completely at ease waiting for me to join him on the couch to enjoy the yummy dinner I made and movie I got us to watch was giggling with love at my insecurity of letting out more notch in the leash we parents tend to put around our children. Sigh… it’s a mom thing right?

Happy to report that he was home by curfew with my car intact and a big goofy grin on his face.

Parenthood is bittersweet!



Tuesdays coffee chat – Here’s to my two teenagers.

It is almost 9pm Denver time and I just survived a trip to the mall with my teenage daughter who has become wildly aware of clothes more so than normal. While this isn’t a bad thing, it can be EXHAUSTING and I must remember one thing. Next time I need to go to the mall for myself, to take care of myself first before my daughter’s wishes and desires because as soon as we had items purchased for her and she was sporting two shiny bags from two of her favorite stores, she was ready to head home and be done with me – while I did manage to complete the task in which I went to the mall for, it was comical that my daughter agreed with anything I picked out and asked how much longer at least three times in 15 minutes.


That being said, I made it home in time to check this out and link up! Enjoy!

Time out for Mom – Rory for her Tuesdays coffee chat.

This weeks topic

Random.  Got a rant to get off your chest?  
A recent victory to share?  
Some cute kids to boast about?  Your choice today.
Which links up perfectly into another blog hop I haven’t done in while so this is AWESOME.
Go check out Stacy’s place over at Stacy Uncorked

I am not complaining mind you, but simply sharing a revelation many have heard me talk about in the coming years with my kids being 3 years apart. I am a mother to TWO teenagers and they have officially reached that point where my whole purpose in their lives can be told from reading the Zits comic strip!


Here we go…


Pretty much sums it up for my son who is a man of little words.

then there is the wondrous world of cell phone apps!!!


Both my kids have their little addictions  listed above.

This one can be good and bad in the same day

The difference between girls and boys – my son lives in the same hoodie all week before switching it out for the next clean one in his closet  – err, on his floor. While my daughter pulls the clean clothes out of her hamper because clearly that is easier than folding them and putting them away.


this one applies to my daughter – she is slowly improving. SLOWLY.

another good one

applies to my son and if you ask him what just happened on the movie we are in fact watching, he can tell you exactly – so getting irritated is pointless.

While they can be ornery,uncommunicative with words because they have perfected the eye roll - especially when they think I am not “watching” and get annoyed by the very presence of me, I was reminded today that they are both amazing young adults and all mine!








Saturdays – In the park.

Because this has been the longest week ever, I really don’t know why because it wasn’t “busy” for once. My daughter has resigned from dance to purse her love of art and that has freed up our crazy Mondays, which we are all enjoying, but it still felt long a very busy and very, very long week.

Sigh…. yes it is Saturday and while the only big plans are my son has a winter formal (dance) this evening, I have no “real plans” and am sooooo okay with that. While I am not a foot ball fan perse, the Superbowl is tomorrow and even though the Broncos are not playing, the fan base for the Seattle Seahawks is pretty big where I live. I am sure the stores will all be insane as folks are bustling about in preparing for Superbowl parties.

Anyway, here is my friend Hilary over at Feeling Beachie with her fun Friday Blog hop.

I am currently reading her book Dangled Carat and am so in love with the style of her writing as well as the story itself. My goal today in between laundry, cleaning and finally putting Christmas away (it’s down, just all kinda piled down in the basement waiting to be placed into its proper storage closet) is to finish her book! In the meantime, check out her blog and fun Friday hop!

Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me .

If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! I REALLY NEED STATEMENTS! This week’s co-host is ELIZABETH from SILVER – she came up with the last two statements

Feeling Beachie

1.Did you ___ the ____
2.Sometimes you really need to _____
3.If I were able to_____, I would___
4.Different ways of_____makes_____

1. Did you have the longest week like I did ?

2. Sometimes you really need to look at the big picture, whatever it is.

3. If I were able to stop time, I would just to enjoy my days and family more!

4. Different ways of living day to day makes living it that much more interesting. Some days, one must simply dance because the mood calls for it.


Happy Weekend all!

Tuesday’s coffee and some alone time :-)

Happy Tuesday!

This weeks topic is:

Would you feel ill at ease going to a movie alone?   Or to eat at a restaurant?  A concert?
Well let’s just say I have never had to go to any of the above alone, I have always preferred the company of a girl-friend or my amazing hubby. Not to be confused with not knowing how to be alone, because I have mastered that task well and while my family comes before anything that I do, allowing myself some alone time is the one gift every person should grant themselves. If you can’t be alone with yourself, how will you be alone with people?
The only time I watch a movie alone is from the comfort of my own couch and usually  is a movie that is contains “music” because my hubby would rather chew nails then endure a musical.
Like this one that I could watch 100 more times and still never tire of it.



I have friends that have no problem going to movies or dinner alone.  I have just never have had the situation that calls for it.

But really, who goes to a concert alone??? Isn’t the point of a concert to go to enjoy the music of ones favorite musical talent? Again, maybe just me, but I have always had someone that I manage to drag or be dragged myself to a concert which always leads to a good time.

I am proud to say I have seen some awesome shows in my lifetime.

During my early teen years – with my older sister and mom.

This one I was dragged too…

my 20’s – with some amazing girlfriends and this last year and that last one with my hubby!

Times 3- I am not ashamed

Now that I am in my 40’s, I think I have fulfilled all my wants and desires to see most of my
favorites. That’s not to say if someone gifted me Garth Brooks tickets, I wouldn’t go. I mean he is having 9 shows in the Denver after all. Kidding, I am good.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and stop by my friend over at Time Out for Mom!