Tuesday’s coffee and some alone time :-)

Happy Tuesday!

This weeks topic is:

Would you feel ill at ease going to a movie alone?   Or to eat at a restaurant?  A concert?
Well let’s just say I have never had to go to any of the above alone, I have always preferred the company of a girl-friend or my amazing hubby. Not to be confused with not knowing how to be alone, because I have mastered that task well and while my family comes before anything that I do, allowing myself some alone time is the one gift every person should grant themselves. If you can’t be alone with yourself, how will you be alone with people?
The only time I watch a movie alone is from the comfort of my own couch and usually  is a movie that is contains “music” because my hubby would rather chew nails then endure a musical.
Like this one that I could watch 100 more times and still never tire of it.



I have friends that have no problem going to movies or dinner alone.  I have just never have had the situation that calls for it.

But really, who goes to a concert alone??? Isn’t the point of a concert to go to enjoy the music of ones favorite musical talent? Again, maybe just me, but I have always had someone that I manage to drag or be dragged myself to a concert which always leads to a good time.

I am proud to say I have seen some awesome shows in my lifetime.

During my early teen years – with my older sister and mom.

This one I was dragged too…

my 20’s – with some amazing girlfriends and this last year and that last one with my hubby!

Times 3- I am not ashamed

Now that I am in my 40’s, I think I have fulfilled all my wants and desires to see most of my
favorites. That’s not to say if someone gifted me Garth Brooks tickets, I wouldn’t go. I mean he is having 9 shows in the Denver after all. Kidding, I am good.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and stop by my friend over at Time Out for Mom!

A few words for this WW – My newest scar!

FullSizeRender-imp12 years and counting ! I am still winning this battle.

Who needs tattoos when I have the coolest scars!
(this is actually two scars. The little one was from a few years ago for a Basel Cell I had removed. The BIG one is from a month ago for a Melanoma Stage 1 that was removed.)

Please, PLEASE – take care of your skin. It isn’t just Skin Cancer.

Follow Friday Four Fill IN

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1.Do I have ___
2.If only ___ then ___
3.Every girl needs a___ and every boy needs ___
4.I would love to learn about ___ but do not want to have to ___

Do I have to be a responsible adult today?

If only there was more time in a day, then I could do it all- who am I kidding right…?

Every girl needs a pair of shoes that make them feel like they rule and every boy needs a girl to just love them for who they are, right?

I would love to learn about being a court stenographer but do not want to have to deal with lawyers or politics.

Tuesday’s Coffee Chat – Picture me this…


Last thing you took a picture of?
Why did you want to capture this image? (Show your work.)


My hubby is a morning person and wakes up at 6:45. When you wake up at 5am, that apparently is considered sleeping in, while I myself,  prefer the 8am hour.

Anyway, we use an old slipper to keep our door from opening at night which allows two things.

1. The felines can get in and out of our room

2. The dog cannot

She will sit at the door and wait ever so patiently for me to rustle about. If it’s after 8, sometimes she will make just enough “noise” to wake me because she needs to go outside and dad is ignoring  err, otherwise occupied to notice – her.

This is how I found her this last Saturday!


Are you, are you, coming to the Tree :-)

While it is damp, gloomy Monday today, I am still high off all the birthday wishes I received yesterday and today!

So without missing a beat, I am going to catch up with two blog hops. One from last week with a tie in for todays.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

        1. ___ is my ___ month
        2. ____ reminds me of being __
        3. Would you _____ if you didn’t have to?
        4. One word to describe _____ is _____

1. January is my birthday month ( psss, yesterday in fact)

2. IBC root beer reminds me of being pregnant with both kids as that’s the only “soda” I would drink.

3. Would you work if you didn’t have to?

4. One word to describe this song is catchy!


You’re Welcome!

Tuesday’s coffee chat -

Happy Tuesday!

I am jumping on board my favorite blog hop over at Time Out For Mom for her

This weeks theme is  “one thing I would like to accomplish in 2015 is…..”
I would like to read more! Once upon a time I could read a book in two days. I love to read. Then I had kids and my time was no longer my own. While my time these days is still not entirely my own, I do have more of it because my kids are now teenagers and I am the LAST person they want to “hang” with and a stack of books that require my attention.
And while I love cuddling on the couch to get lost in a TV show that the hubby and kids have become addicted to, I want to read more. I want to get lost in lands abroad, solve crimes and drool over tall, dark and never gonna happen because I am happily married, but a girl can dream right?
35 days for those that are counting the days until this movie is released,

And yes I am re-reading the books in preparation because it IS a love story. Regardless of its content.
So while I am not making a goal that is out of reach, I am making one.
One book a month for the entire 2015 year.
Stay tuned….


Monday’s Music

Happy Monday!

Let just start the day off with a little music to get what us all moving!


This weeks theme is perfect “songs new to you”! I had to go find my phone to look at my latest Shazam Tags!

I have always loved this guy and he never disappoints. I had heard this song once recently not really knowing what it was about but then driving home this weekend in a snow storm, I had time to listen while driving a little slower just to be a bit safer. It brought back so many forgotten child hood memories.

Then there is this one that made me smile too.

And while I am sharing a Tim song, here is another that isn’t new to me, but maybe for you.


Here is to a great Monday!

First Post of 2015

Happy, no wait, here…


My hubby and I have had a long standing tradition of hosting a New Years Eve party since the year we met – 22 years ago!

It started with some friends of ours and grew into something much, much bigger as the years have past. The night circles around visiting and catching up with friends and our busy lives, playing board games- and the occasional adult beverage – sparkling juice for the minors. And the pictures that are taken through out the evening are the best!

We have the group shot that is the first for the New Year 2015.

IMG_2836-impfollowed by the traditional group shot that is my family -2015.IMG_2840-impCan you guess which one is me???

While we have some of the same people to ring in the new year with us each time, we have also gained news ones and lost old ones but never wavering the idea that we wouldn’t host this grand event. I mentioned one year that we should just cancel and O.M.G.EEEEEEE- the looks that I got followed by “what should we have to eat at this years party?”  My kids have grown up with this tradition and I hope it is something that they carry on or insist that we, as their parents, continue to host so they can come home with their friends and loved ones.

This year was no different except for one minor detail and that was my hubby and I chose to ring in the new year on New York’s time because by 11:30 – this was us.

The rest of the younger generation pushed thru that last half hour to officially ring in in the 2015 New Year only to be passed out minutes after midnight.

Getting older is really for the birds!

Anyway, we aren’t the type to make resolutions. We simply live each day to the best of our
abilities and make a good life with good choices and respect those around us.


Here is to a fabulous 2015!