A really bad case of the Mondays!

Have you ever had a case of the Mondays that lasted all week.

That was me last week. All the little irritations that make Monday’s kinda blow, well it seemed to be the theme for last week. SO much so that I started taking notes!

Monday started off with my discovery that we had no coffee creamer in the fridge.

While I love coffee, I do not drink it black because that is well, gross.

I got to work to discover one of the buttons on my dress had gone missing and I                        had to be creative and use a “push pin” from my cork board.

I got new glasses and the prescription is new and stronger making me feel like this.

I had knee surgery back in June and while recovery has been successful and I am doing great, I have this really bad habit of cornering my desk at work with either my hip OR, yes you guess it, my knee.

I am usually very well versed at work with little to no profanity that is spoken out loud.

Not this day, nope. Stupid knee and stupid desk.


Lastly for the week is always my favorite. The parking spaces at my office were made in the day when vehicles weren’t the size they are now combined with the ” I live in a bubble so there isn’t anyway someone can hurt me” mind set of some people in our society. I was leaving to go to lunch and walked out to find my car like this.


( neither of these are my car but this accurately shows what happened.) I had to crawl over the passenger seat in a dress to get into my car. Sigh, the nerve of people.

So that was my week in a nutshell – a little annoyance each day that seemed to stick with me because the week was just in the constant state of Monday.

Happy to announce this week has started of way, waaaaaaay better.



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