Longest Status Update…EVER!


…how are things in your world?

Ready for the holiday?

I am as ready as one can be.

I bailed on Christmas cards this year, but stay tuned, I have a plan B!

In other news, I wanted to share with you what I have been up to since I have been a bit absent on the blog front. I will make a very. long. story as short as possibly because it’s been an
exhausting journey and I don’t want to bore you with the details. Friday I had a small mass
removed from my breast, which we are 100% certain is nothing but I’m not taking any chances given my already awesome history with melanoma. I am happy to report the procedure went well and we should hear about biopsy results by Tuesday which again, I am confidant will be fine.

I also get the pleasure of being on bed rest for a spell. While I welcome the much needed down-time, I must admit I have never been good at any form of forced rest, ever! A day or two max and then I turn into a restless 5 year old child. So far, a walk to the mail box has been the highlight of my weekend!

Since Friday I have watched the following:
The Phantom of the Opera – With Gerard Bulter, hmmmmm!
The Muppet’s Christmas Carol – BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE EVER!
Pretty in Pink – so.much.pink.
Stargate Universe – (I blame the hubby for this one)
Some Kind of Wonderful – this movie is why I wanted to learn to play the drums back in the day.
About Last Night – the shoulder pads in this movie are A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

and right now, while I write this very post St. Elmo’s Fire is on the TV.

80’s movie marathon with a side of sci-fy and one musical anyone?  

(Ferris Bueller is next I think)

I purposely  chose the movie route verses the binge watching of Friends because laughing hurts which ironically, so does watching 80’s movies because they equally as humorous.The clothes alone have me laughing hysterically Bad clothes, horrible hair and some really, really young
versions of Demi Moore, Rob Lowe,  Molly Ringwald, etc. 

The best part of course is the music! Ooooooooooh!
I will save the tunes for another post.

I am at home, doing my best to tolerate some major discomfort and becoming one with my couch with a pile a movies, two felines and a corgi who are only using me for the electric blanket heat I am sharing with them. My hubby is taking fabulous care of me as always including allowing me to use the said electric blanket throw that he himself just received as a birthday gift from his parents just last week! If that isn’t love, what is!

Stick around, there’s sure to be more!

Happy Sunday!



  1. Glad to hear you are so confident that it’s nothing. Nothing would be the perfect Christmas gift. Great list of movies you’ve watched! Glad you’re back. Take ‘er easy and get better fast!

    1. Thank you sir! Yes, “nothing” would be the best Christmas gift ever! I think I will be pretty tired of movies after this weekend but it has been a lot of fun to not think about much else.

  2. Been thinking about you a lot and sending healing vibes!!!
    We just watched Sixteen Candles and Risky Business the other day!!! I cannot believe these were the movies of my youth – they seem sooooo cheesy now. LOL
    but we loved every second of it of course.
    keep getting your rest, and I’ll keep praying! xx

    1. I think today will be a day of holiday movies… Stay tuned!
      Thank you for the positive vibes! Keep’em coming! It’s the best medicine anyone.

      Love and hugs!

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