Some Quiet Time

I am not one to spend hours on social media except for Saturday mornings. It is my catch up day.

I work on computers all day, so really the idea of being glued to my phone for any amount of time other than to read my books is not something I find I have a problem with.

However, in my skimming through my Twitter feed this morning, I came across this blog and writing prompt and wanted to try it.



You are given a prompt to write about for a total of 5 minutes.

So this weeks is for : Quiet.

Here we go….


I have returned to my desk to discover I have missed not one but two calls from my best friend who NEVER calls because we text daily; followed by a text message that no one wants to receive.

“dad’s had a heart attack and they are performing CPR”

I can’t speak. I simply dial back her line and get her voicemail. I leave a message and then wait and stare at my phone willing it to ring. I answer and all I can hear is hysterical cries and pleas for help. I listen. I can’t speak. I just listen.

He is gone and I am a million miles away from her. If I could reach through the phone to hold her, I would. I can’t. So I just listen. To her cries and sobs and breaths.

He is gone. The one man that was truly one of the few if not the only father figure in my life, is gone.

I mourn for her and quietly to myself because I am taken back to a day when he was there for me. He did what some men cannot and that is be a father to a child that wasn’t his own.

I curse myself for allowing so much time to pass before making a point to go see them and now I find myself booked for a flight home for a bittersweet visit. One to reconnect to those I haven’t seen in years and to say goodbye to an amazing man!

The week has been a somber one. I have listened  to my best friend daily and done what anyone can during a time like this and that is to just listen. There are no words that heal the pain of loss, only time can do that.

So I am quiet, but I am here, for her, for her mom, and for her family.

All my love and prayers to the entire Lovett Family!






  1. I agree, a beautiful piece of writing in especially difficult times. I am so sorry for your (and your friend’s) loss, Tiffany, but I am sure that the visit home, even though for a bad reason, will also spike lots of good thoughts, feelings and memories.

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