Coffee Chat: How are you??

Good morning!

Know what day it is?

Tuesday, March 1st!

Know what that means????

20 more days until SPRING!

Which means 13 more days until Daylight savings time begins!

Easter is March 27th which means I only have 27 more days left before I can have a very large and well deserved glass of wine!

This is pretty fabulous right?

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 This week, we want to know:   How Are You?

There’s a question, huh?

Truth is, I am good.

Great even.

It depends on the day and time and place and a million other items that feed into my mood.

Take my daughter’s inability to hear me when I am waking her up in the mornings. (I know she can hear me because she always responds with “I KNOW” or I’m UP” in that sweet disgruntle teenage voice kids developed over night!) depending on how well this whole scenario plays out, my mood can alter in a matter of seconds. It really depends on how many times I have had to walk back to her room to verify that she didn’t go back to sleep. It’s a game really and I am still waiting for the day when I win first round!

Otherwise, I am great and have patients. (kinda)

I got up this morning at 4am and worked out. I mean REALLY worked out. I have been fighting this cold for over 2 weeks which threw a wrench into my health goal. So this morning I had had enough and was up and climbing stairs and doing those squat things and planking and dying thing, but I was working out! Spring is around the corner and I need to not be sore when I really get to working in my yard because working in my yard makes me happy, but sore legs and arms do not, so again. The work out thing.

Makes me feel good!

Then last week, my son came home with the graduation announcements that we ordered. It dawned on me that I still have to order the pictures to place in them and then we have to sit down and make the list of those we are sending them too and then address them and then buy stamps and then mail them making the fact that he WILL graduate in 12 weeks all the more surreal!

He is super excited and I am excited for him, but I keep telling him to “la-la-la- Shut up”

But I am good, just in a tiny bit of denial, but good.

Here is to a wonderful day of lots of feel goods!


  1. Okay wait. You woke up WHEN to work out? I can’t even… lol

    Reading about your morning ‘routine’ with your sweet teen, it makes me worry for the years to come with my own girl! I’m anxiously anticipating this dramatic change- because right now, she is like the brightest ray of sunshine EVERY single morning- I swear I wake her and she immediately sits up and smiles. I don’t get it I’ve never been a morning person. I was and always will resemble something of a monster in the morning… thus my coffee dependency. 🙂

    I’ll let you know when it happens… two monsters won’t get along that well, now will they? Oh me oh my.

    And YAY!! For each and every crazy complicated step toward GRADUATION! Now that is one heck of an achievement to celebrate! I’m guessing it will absolutely be worth all the effort you are facing… <3

    1. Thanks Chris, it really will and it has taken no time at all to get here. I swear the kid just started pre-school yesterday. I am not a morning person either, but I do get up and after the work out, dive straight into a pot of coffee that is waiting for me.

  2. Kisma, you’re working out at 4am? Are you nuts?! lol It’s good that you can do that so early. When DH worked, I always did my exercising in the early afternoon. It took me that long to get things situated so I felt at ease with my workout routine. However these last six months I have not exercised at all. I’m ready to get back into my normal routine, but first I gotta get DH working again. 😀 The only good thing in this all is having his company, It does get lonely in an empty house all day. Thinking about everything that is head is kinda like seeing March evaporate before my eyes. WOW, your son is graduating this year?! Kids do this annoying thing called “growing up”. That’s something I couldn’t stop with mine and see you haven’t been successful, either. lol

    1. I am nuts… now you know:-) I have always done the workout thing early in the morning because by the time the day is over, I really just long for the comfort of my cozy bed.

      And I tried to keep them little, it hasn’t worked. But I couldn’t be more proud of them either!
      Thanks for swinging by Cathy!

  3. 4am?! I have trouble prying my eyes open at 5am to get the hubby up and have coffee with him before he goes to work, followed by the crazy rush of getting the kids up and ready for their respective schools playing chauffeur for them to 2 different schools. I would keel over if I took away another hour of sleep – of course it might help if I could get to bed earlier than 11:30… 🙂

    And for the record? My daughter does the exact same thing your daughter does – I think it’s her mission some days to test my patience. 😉

    Mishmash Day Chatting with Coffee: RTT Rebel

    1. ha -ha. Stacy I am usually passed out by 8:30 which is really sad!

      Here’s us and maintaining our sanity and patience while our girls test our every move!

  4. Sweet baby Jesus… and here I am writing about my waking up at 5:15 being too early. I’m sending them to your house! They can get up and work out with you. You’re tough. I still have another 9 years before I see a graduation announce. But I know that time will fly and sneak by real quick.

    1. Ha, this comment made me laugh really loud. I would totally make them work out! I have tried to get my daughter to, but yea, that’s not the case because ya know, she’s sleeping. 🙂

  5. Dying laughing because you’re morning wake up scene with your daughter…. is my poor husbands with me. And I am the sleepy grumpy teen! Haha That’s why I can never be a morning workout person (although there was a time I did), and probably why he just sets a mug of coffee on my night stand: slightly out of reach. LOL
    I guess I cannot complain when the teen years arrive and my own kids don’t want to get up. I’ll be like “me neither, let’s all sleep in and then stay in PJs all day.” 🙂
    I can have a glass of wine and a treat by Sunday night!! I’ll be thinking of you. 😉

    1. Please have a glass for me as well!

      I was the same way when I was my daughters age and recall VIVIDLY my mother’s moods trying to get me up. So while I am trying to be nice and understand, I also just want her to GET UP. lol before things get ugly.

      You’re husbands much nicer than mine, he just makes the coffee to tease and forces me to get out of bed because I smell it and have to have it.

  6. Whoa, I would be in denial too if my son was graduating in 12 weeks!!!

    May I add St. Patrick’s Day to your list of great things happening in March? It’s one of my favorite, favorite holidays, and I am already excited – yet completely out of Leprechaun prank ideas cause I’ve used them all up the previous years!

    Congratulations on getting up “early” (Geez!) and working out. You rock!

    1. Yea, it’s a little insane at first but after a while, I have discovered I wake without the alarm and just get up.

      Thanks Hilary, you are amazing too! How’s that next book coming along?

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