Spring Break – Blogging Break



This week the kids are on spring break!

While my kids are in high school, I cannot express how excited this makes me because really and truly it means my mornings are Q.U.I.E.T and all MINE.

Selfish I know, but I am pretty sure lots of moms and dads can relate to the morning insanity that goes along with school. I got ready in 20 minutes flat this morning giving me time to really enjoy my coffee HOT and even eat a bagel at home verses at work. WOOT!

It’s the little things that really make me happy.

So because it is spring break, I decided that I would take a blogging break – just for the week. (I will be writing behind the scenes) but not posting. Reading and catching up with some blogs I have missed as well as maybe finishing a couple of books that are collecting some dust on where we left off.

I need to regroup and plan how this whole blogging thing works. I really do love it, I just need a better plan because the current one isn’t really a plan. I can do better.

Stay tuned, have a wonderful week and Happy Spring!

And thanks for stopping by! I love my loyal and new peeps!




    1. Chris, the hubby and I were just talking about the schedule and I still have no clue. It really is just a whenever the mood strikes right?

      Thanks for love and hugs during my break!

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