One Good Thing: Mother’s Day


Today marks the last Monday of the 2016 school year for our boy!

Folks, I’m kinda freaking out over here.

I will get to all that later though.

Susi, Claudia, and Leslie created this fabulous feel good way to start your week.


Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I must admit I adored seeing all the well wishes and old photos of moms everywhere. One of my sister in laws even started a group text chat with the rest of us ladies which just made me giggle as my phone started buzzing all over. My hubby spoiled me rotten and the kids did me the honor giving me a few moments of time while hubby snapped some photo’s of us! (teenagers)FullSizeRender-imp (2)

this one graduates from high school in 11 days!


Penny is just trying to escape the madness!

IMG_8979-imp my two greatest achievements next to being married to their amazing father! 

Have a great week everyone!



  1. Drowning in all this goodness!!! Which, if that’s how I have to go out – I’m okay with it. LOL Love all these smiling, beautiful faces (sorry Penny!) Graduate high school?!! I can’t even imagine. It seems so far away, and yet I know it will fly. But I held my breath when my son left the movie theater last night to go to the bathroom. Alone!!! It was like: oh, we’re here already. I don’t have to get up and escort him and stand outside the door listening for creepers! It’s a scary and sweet place. Because…. I didn’t have to get up and miss the movie!! LOL

    1. I remember that moment when I let my oldest go the bathroom alone! He loved it. I had to tell him on the third trip that he would have to hold it until the end. Kids are so funny and amazing all at once!

  2. Wow, a high school graduate! My oldest is about to wrap up second grade, but I was thinking the other day that it’s amazing how fast it goes, already halfway through elementary school.

  3. Oh mama, I’m feeling you on this one. Sending you lots of hugs and happy vibes.
    This might the one of the most bittersweet parts of being a mama.
    Loved seeing pics of your kiddos!

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