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Excuse me for a moment while I sweep away the cobwebs left from Halloween…

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And recover from a beautiful Thanksgiving at my wonderful nieces who educated us further on the world of Friends.

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And now today I noticed that I have posted…

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So why post today you ask?

I got an email. You know the one with 6 words? I refer to it about once a month because it appears in my inbox and makes me actually think.

Thinking is good. Keeps the mind fresh and the ideas running.

Thinking is also dangerous, over-rated and at times hard.

So is adulting, but that is for another post.

Today,  I am just going to leave this hear for you  6 Words with Coach Daddy and say thank you for swinging by and for those that know me, not leaving me.

X.O.X O.




        1. I’m glad to hear it. That makes me feel so good, thank you.
          It’s been an interesting, rough couple of months. Life as we all know likes to throw curve balls. I’m learning again how to juggle them as well as drop some.

      1. Awww thanks! Good to see you Michelle! Kiddos are doing great (just got great reports from their teachers) and they’re extremely excited to see their Elves return today.

  1. Glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I miss the show Friends!! I think mostly I miss Joey. Joey was the best. I may have to catch a few episodes on Netflix over the holidays.
    And I see too I am long over due to hop on over to Coach’s house!!! Always a worthy visit.

    1. Hiya!! Thanks for dropping by and hang tight, inspiration comes and goes at my place but I try hard to make it worth the time delay.

      Have a great Sunday!

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