Because it made me SMILE


With the time change, we are all Dragging… with a capital “D”

Why must we still have this silly rule?

I am having to dig really,really, really deep for inspiration this week because all day today it felt like it should be Wednesday and it’s only Tuesday.

There isn’t enough coffee I fear…


Image result for venti coffee gif

Anyway,  I came across this video in my surfing of the internet because I had that kind of time today.

It made me smile.

So I thought I would spread the love.


X & O




    1. Right! I was in a doctors office when I was listening but to it. I couldn’t really get up because it would have raised some questions on if I was in the “right” place .

  1. Yes!! This give me a great start to the day!! And I do have an entire carafe of coffee too, so it’s a pretty golden morning. thanks for the pick up! 🙂

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