Friday’s Funny


Hi again, it’s me! Everyone agree that this week has been one of the L O N G E S T one on record? I haven’t done one of these in a while.

We made it!


Image result for friday GIFS


…and share a little humor between my hubby and I with our random texts and auto-correct.


The things auto- correct catches me on.

Should start a blog post on that, ” Auto – Correct This! ”

Any takers?


Have a great day everyone!

X & O



  1. Seriously, that will be my new word for whenever anyone impresses my greatly!! LOL I would love to see a post on all the auto correct fails! As I get into a lot of film and TV discussion with different people, some of the words that get auto filled are just crazy. And whenever I text my husband Chris, the phone automatically changes it to Chris Evans (Captain America)… which really confuses the hubby. LOL

  2. I should start taking print screens of those weird auto-corrects. My phone is super confused anyway because I type in English and German, so it suggests all kinds of funny word combinations!

    Visiting from Coach Daddy’s six words challenge.

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