Friday’s Funny

Good morning!

I love when my family gives me the ability to share with you the humor we share among each other. Laughter is what makes life tolerable.

This week I saw this post on Instagram from a fellow blogger I follow:

So I shared it with my daughter who isn’t away at college – BUT who can relate to this post all to well as shown below….

Have a fantastic Friday and may the little things make you laugh.




  1. Lol. My two older kids could definitely use one or two of these. 🙂 Makes my blood pressure go up every time i go into their rooms. How did i end up with such messy kids. Wah…

    1. I am the same way. I have to remind myself of my own sloppiness as a teen which make me just laugh and shut my own teens door. It’s just safer.

  2. Zack King has some great vines! I’ve got one who needs this. He has a hamper in his room and it’s never more than 2 steps away. Yet it’s always empty because his clothes are on the floor!

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