Friday’s Funny – Love and Mucas

Good morning!

Happy Friday…. who’s agrees that June has been a whooper of a month?

Computer gremlins, telephone trolls, sleep thieves and the inability to form a sentence without doing the following…..

Image result for raspberries gif

….because my mouth can’t keep up with my brain.

The struggle is real folks!

Case and point – here is the latest and greatest lousy “auto -correct” conversation that took place between my amazing hubby and myself on his recent business trip.


True love right here folks!

When in the hell has anyone used the words Mucas & love in the same sentence?

Telephones trolls, that is my only excuse!

Image result for telephone trolls gif

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!




    1. Right? I wouldn’t have it any other way! So good to see your face over here. I need to swing by your place as well. Love and hugs Jen!

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