Wordy Wednesday: Youth

I’m off today and have a mess of appointments to attend to, but I took an early morning walk to start the day.

I walk by the elementary school in our neighborhood and stopped long enough to capture these swings.

Tomorrow children will swarm to them, over them, on them and climb them.

School starts for our area tomorrow and it’s bittersweet.

I miss being a kid and having no cares or concerns except what do to and whats for dinner.

Being an adult has its perks for sure, but life gets so crazy and the world seems a little broken as of late so seeing this swings made me a little nostalgic.

Hug your loved ones and remember to take time to stop and just breath.

To all those starting a new school year, may it be the best one yet!


love and hugs!




  1. The world seems a bit crooked. Wouldn’t it be great to see the world through the innocence of a child’s eyes? I remember the year my oldest started primary (kindergarten) was the same year as Sandy Hook. It doesn’t feel like anything gotten better in those five years since. The perk of being an adult is that we get to drink wine 🙂

  2. Thank you for always injecting a dose of happiness (and nostalgia) into our wild and crazy lives. You are the bomb diggity
    Ps: I love what you’ve done to your place ❤️

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