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I hope I still have readers….its been a while and I am sorry. Life ya know, its a beautiful, crazy ride!

It’s Friday and as most people know I love my Fridays!

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My daughter who is a junior in high school has a distaste for math . I can’t really blame her, but of course always encourage her to power thru and pass the class. If all goes according to schedule, she will be done with her math requirement in December. Everyone send her good vibs!

While at dinner one night with Mr. Amazing, I received this text from our sweet girl who at the time was in fact at an art class, not math which made her dad and I laugh hysterically.

She really, really hates math!


Have a great weekend friends!

love and hugs!



  1. That is too funny. If I lived near you, I would volunteer to tutor, I was a tutor for 13 years and Math was one of the subjects including Algebra.

    1. That would be amazing! She has a math tutor who has been a life savior but if it were up to her, Math would simply not exist. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Hmmm mostly likely no. I’d rather have the 2 extremes. There are kids who excel and love math and others who hate it (but they love and excel at other stuff like art or English). Mashing them all together would just make them all mediocre 🙂

  2. I didn’t get math UNTIL my junior year in high school – then miraculously something clicked. Math is cool, but science and history are way cooler. Actually history is the coolest but I teach 8th grade science (4 classes) and one history class. Hang in there, it’ll all work out.

    1. Teachers really do make a world of difference! I know not everyone connects with math so I am just trying to be patient with her as she trudges thru. Thanks Susi, always good to see you!

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