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I started this post last night and then hmmmmed and hawwwwed over how to approach the matter because the whole thing resonated with me.

I went for a walk yesterday and it was a beautifully brisk afternoon and the air smelled amazing ya know, fall like!

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Anyway on my walk – I take a path that goes right by the neighboring school and playground.  As I was walking by I noticed a little boy jumping up and down, singing to himself and having a his own personal concert and then he pointed towards a woman I am going to assume was his mom.

( I will be the first to tell you never – ever assume in fact,  you should avoid it but work with me here if you will K? Thanks!)

She was sitting on the side of the playground, her face in her phone paying no mind to the little boy.

As I walked by them I watch them like it was a movie being played in slow motion.

he walked over to the woman and waited a moment.

-when no reaction was received, he leaned down & retrieved what looked looked like a green notebook from a bag that sat under her legs.

– he sat down only inches from the woman and mimicked her stance to perfection

It made me smile but at the same time it made me want to walk over to the woman and do one of two things:

  1. Smack her
  2. Toss the phone into the nearby creek and tell her stop

Now before you go off on me and tell me to butt out – rest assure I didn’t do either of those things. I continued on my path and thought to myself how I could incorporate this scene into a post to share with others and not be annoying and preachy because I am not perfect and I am the last person to parent a parent.

Is is a topic that has been discussed a million times over, and over and over again. 

So I will keep it simple and hopefully fun.

I don’t know who the mom or boy were; I just know that the actions taken by both of them today in my passing made me think and want to share words we have all heard before.

Stop looking at your phone and look at your boy

Stop missing his youth

Stop connecting to the world around you and pay attention to the world you are in

Stop responding to work emails, FB, Instgram and Snapchat, posts, they can wait an hour, they will still be there.

Stop whatever has you so involved that you are missing the important things. The little boy in front of you who is dancing, singing, LAUGHING and loving the moment that he has found by just being a kid hanging out at the park with his mom!

Kids already grow up at lighting speed.

One day they are 7 and the next they are 16 and licensed, and then graduating high school and then off to college and then oh my god, leaving the nest and you question how the hell did it all happen so fast?

Seriously just

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Disconnect with the world and connect with your kids and family’s.

Just saying.


Love and hugs!




  1. On the one hand, I wholly agree with you. She should have been paying attention to the little boy. On the other hand, if they were at the park, perhaps that was mom’s “break” from having paid attention to him all day? But seriously, how hard would it have been to acknowledge a child asking for attention? They grow so fast!

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