Saturday’s Silly


Good morning!

I love to capture the commentary that takes place among my family via text! Well I was cleaning out my photo’s on my phone and came across this one from waaaaaay back when with the intent on sharing it before Halloween. So I am only 4 days late…. 

My niece came up a while ago so we could spend the weekend making cards. It’s our thing. We research for a few minutes, okay hours on Pinterest for ideas and then turn those ideas into our own.

So this was one that she sent me back via Pinterest messenger.

So, I must confess that I clicked the link twice which involved my husband looking over my shoulder the second time to ensure this wasn’t a case of “user error”  before I asked her if she had actually clicked the link.

Happy to report, not a case of user error at all.

Turns out that not all Pinterest links are related to the actual picture.

Who knew right?

Image result for raised eyebrow gif

The link as it turns out, took us to a website not intended for card making at all but in fact a place where one can buy a nice teddy for their lady friend. And I am not talking “teddy bear” either, lol. Whatever your thinking right now is probably spot on with the link itself.  

Anyway, here are the cards that we made as a result of the above mentioned idea.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




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