Monday’s Motivational Music

Hi ya’ll

Did you all survive the long holiday weekend?  We did and are up and moving this morning ready to conquer the week. ( translation: coffee is strong this morning)

We had a wonderfully peaceful and small family dinner. First time ever where it was just the four of us and while we missed those close to us, we soaked up the time and the quiet!

My amazing hubby did a lot if not ALL the cooking. I loved having him the kitchen with me except that instead of cooking, I cleaned up the aftermath he left with EACH dish he created. Soooo, thanksgiving in our house went like this.

Image result for Taz gif


It was wonderful!


I haven’t been on the music train in some time and my workout this morning put this little tune into my brain and I thought it was a great one to share.



Have a fabulous week!


  1. Wow, thanks for the introduction to a new song for me. I love it. Will-I-Am has always been a favorite, but where is the rest of his crew? Hmmm collaboration I guess. It was wonderful too that you had such a great Thanksgiving & a hubby that can cook? WOW!!! That’s great! My hubby just loves to eat & that’s fine with me being as I like to cook, but I didn’t this year we went to my brother’s WOO HOO! But I’m cooking for Christmas & that’s okay with me it’s my favorite day of the year! hugsssssssssss it’s nice to see you back. YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE GIRLFRIEND!

    1. Thanks Maria! It was a collaboration with the band called “The Script”. My son introduced me to it.

      So glad you had a dogs holiday and Christmas is not far away. The whole month is a festive one for sure! Have a great one.

  2. I’m here a day late on the dance floor with ya. So, glad to hear you survived the long holiday weekend. I enjoy cooking so it’s always great fun to prepare the Thanksgiving feast but to be treated isn’t bad, either. I recall that you hubs likes cook. That’s great! The Taz gify is cute. 🙂 Excellent song to inspire and motivate. Have a tunetastic week and I hope to see you back next week!

  3. Love The Script… we had a fairly quiet Thanksgiving as well. It was just us 5, great-grandma and one of her aides and a friend of ours. And truth be told, it was perfect. 🙂

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