Five More Minutes


Good morning all!

It’s Monday, time to check back into realty and do the work and school thing. While we had a good dumping of snow, there is no “snow day”.

Life goes on.

Because it is Monday and I am on top of my “game” this morning” I love this little link up.

I have been waiting patiently to share this tune that just hits ya right in the gut – and fits my mood.

Anyone know the secret to stopping time yet?

Love and hugs!



  1. Oh what a beautiful song—thanks so much for sharing. I remember Scotty from American Idol but lost track of him over the years <3 wishing you all the best for the week ahead!!

  2. We are all time travelers. Unfortunately we can only travel forward in time me at the speed of sixty seconds per minute. Great song… It does get you right in the feels. If only we could just have 5 more minutes…

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