Wacky Wednesday


Ever have one of those days where you know its just not going to go well from the beginning and you should just go back to bed?

Mine was last week – Tuesday for the record books.

It started out with the following:

Nothing in my closet fit correctly, looked right or was mood worthy to wear.

Image result for can't find anything to wear gif

I was yelling encouraging my daughter to get moving when it dawned on me that I needed some paperwork for her as we were going to the DMV to get her drivers permit later that day, so I was the one that ended up making us late.

Image result for I'm late gif

We pulled out of the garage and I have NO IDEA what made me push the garage door opener when I did but I wasn’t all the way OUT OF THE GARAGE and the door started coming down.ย  (the little sensor is clearly broken because it should have stopped with the 3 ton car sitting in the middle of it. lol) There may have been a little cursing… and rapid finger punching to STOP the darn thing.

Image result for Cursing gif

On the way to taking my daughter to school, I noticed this on the dashboard of the car:

Related image

Did I mention I was hitting every eeeeffffing red light both to her school and all the way back to work? There are 4 lights on the way to her school, another 4 plus 6 more to my office thus resulting in some more cursing because I’m not a huge fan of testing the gas gauge on my car.

Image result for Cursing gif

Once I got to work with a full tank of gas, things seemed okay. I can’t recall any major injuries, fires, misplaced files or people for what was a short day for me anyway. I left early and went BACK to the school to pick up my daughter to drive to the DMV.

I already had in my head that it was going to suck because its the DMV.

Image result for zootopia sloth gif

We entered and it looked promising so I was digging down deep for some optimism.

Then we came up to one of those kiosks they use now so you can enter in your name, select the option for your visit and take a #, except the option to “obtain a permit” wasn’t there – so, we did the next best thing, we selected new license.

To my delight our # was called right away and we where in and out in under 30 minutes. RECORD broken. I have never gotten in and out of the DMV in under an hour so this was making me think the day still has hope at 3 in the afternoon.

We ran a couple of errands after snapping the obligatory photo of my daughter receiving her paper permit with the original hard copy to arrive in a couple of weeks. The evening wrapped up with few little hiccups but truly nothing out of the ordinary for me. I may have tripped over the imaginary step getting up from the couch, but ya know, that is just a talent of mine.


Thanks for swinging by today for what I hope made you laugh with my use of gif’s at my own personal expense.

Love and hugs!



  1. Seems to be my life lately. Stress is always just around the corner, either of my own doing or from others. I need to be more diligent with my yoga practice because I always feel so zen after… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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