Friday’s Funny – The Greatest Hubby


Ever see a movie that you find yourself become addicted to on every level?

I love a good musical and my hubby would rather chew nails than endure one and I grant him that so normally I don’t even ask him to commit to watching one with me.

Not this time… see below and please ignore the typo.

He not only saw this movie with me IN the theater when it initially released but watched again with me at home on the couch because he’s a pretty awesome guy I am blessed to call mine!


Happy Friday all!

P.S. If you haven’t seen this movie, you must!


  1. It’s an amazing movie. I watched it in the long transatlantic flight to Germany and cried buckets and buckets of tears. So good. And what a good hubby. I don’t even ask mine to watch or go to the movies. He’s not a fan!

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