Sunny on Sunday!


Many of us grew up in a period where Sunday’s meant church, brunch and then home to relax because everything was closed. There were no errands or “chores” it was truly a day of rest and relaxing and hanging with family or friends.

Anyone miss that?

I never thought I would but I find the older I have gotten the more I really appreciate the ability to get up early to start the day and do a whole lot of nothing. The weeks are always busy with work and chores of daily life that I get excited when I realize that I have planned NOTHING for the weekend. The idea that I can do whatever feels right or if I chose to cat nap on the couch or binge watch the newest Netflix obsessed show. It’s a beautiful thing!

Love and hugs friends!






  1. I miss that too. In Germany it’s still pretty much like that and most places are closed. I try not to plan things for every weekend and go with the flow and just relax.

    1. I love when it’s a happy accident of nothing planned on the weekend so I can just sit back and enjoy whatever comes our way!

      There are a couple of food places here that are closed on Sunday which of course is when we crave said food choices.

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