Kids are Dogs, Teens are Cats!

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It’s Saturday and while futzing around my very neglected house and home office I came across this hilarious and very relatable article given to me months ago by my daughters Sci-FY teacher at a back to school night that I was going to file.

Would you believe I have a very important file called ” Things that make me Laugh”?

On days when I find myself filing away boring bills and receipts and other must keep crap, I will take 5 minutes and pull something out of this file for a good laugh. Articles, comics, meme’s, and things given to me that caused me to truly laugh out loud.

True story.

And I loved this one so much I had to google it and find the post from the writer so I could share it here for others to enjoy.

Kids are Dogs, Teens are Cats

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I love that you have a file for things that make you laugh!! A heck of a lot more fun to look at then the countless bills, and to-dos that we tend to file away in our cabinets. And that article about kids being dogs when they are younger and cats as they enter their teenage years is hilarious

  2. That is too funny! And so very true, I look at my four year old and he is definitely the energy of a dog. Teenagers definitely fit the energy and attitude of a cat! Ha!

    1. It really is now that my kids are both adults I can relate more than I imagined I would. I have friends with kids who just make me laugh because I love how energized they are! Thanks for stopping by.

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