GET up sleepy heads….


Mornings in my house are shall we say…. event-full.

I have one child that gets up on his own, showers, takes care of his  breakfast and makes sure he either catches the bus or reminds me that it’s my day to take him because he wants to drive.

And then I have a child who makes mornings require a bottomless cup of coffee.

(This room is not true depiction of my daughters because it’s clean but the caption is spot on)

I spend most of my mornings doing the following.

Once the hubby is out the door, I head upstairs making a pit stop to my daughters room to begin the waking up process. (let the grunting begin)

Then I head to the shower and start to pull myself together. Somewhere in between a second cup of coffee and the hair drying process, I make a second pit stop to my daughters room where she has cocooned herself in her blankets. Again, waking her up and removing the blankets and carring them down the hall yelling GET UP!

Which is followed by what I believe is ” I’m up”.

After I have officially put my make up on and my hair is done, I take another walk down to the hall to discover that my daughter took the time to actually get up, grab the blankets I removed from the hall and wrap them once again around her and crashed back into bed.

This is where things get kinda U.G.L.Y.

I have now turned into the super annoying and very LOUD mother who is threatening to remove all tech devices from her day if I have to come into her room again to ensure she is in FACT UP.

The end result is then a line of mumbles which I am sure translate to the following:

“My-mother-is-annoying-and I- AM-up!”

Sigh… parenthood is AWESOME!




  1. I love that my 10 year old son pretty much gets up and takes care of his own breakfast, gets dressed and then just plays Lego or on his iPod until bus time. IDK what his teens years might bring. *fingers crossed*
    My girls? are you girl. but younger. and with shriller whining. save me.

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