I miss Recess…

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This weeks prompt is “Recess”
The first thing that I thought of was this.
Oh to be a child again.
Life really was much simpler when we were 10 when we just didn’t know any better. Recess was just part of our day and more for the teachers than ourselves. It saved a few kids I am sure. 🙂
Now as a working adult and mother of two teenagers, 
this is my recess.

My "recess"
My “recess”


I have recessed lighting in my kitchen which makes the mornings not so “bright”. That is until my super chipper, peppy, morning hubby comes in and switches ALL the lights on.

Courts will recess when  both sides of plead their case and a decision needs to be be made.

I have given myself many recesses from anything technology because my brain simply can’t handle it all on certain days.

May you give yourself a recess today to simple breath.






  1. Your post takes first place this week on best uses of the prompt! I had to smile in agreement with your statement that recess was for teachers, most definitely they would all agree! Recess the court… no one thought of that! I do agree that a recess from technology now and then is a healthy thing to do. Maybe we should declare one day a week no-techno day. It is hard, I have to admit I am addicted, but when I was on vacation last week, I spent way less time checking my FB, phone, and blog, and I survived quite nicely and had a lot more fun! 🙂

    1. Awwww- thanks so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I agree a day away from technology is a great idea. I really try to make that on the weekends for at least one whole day… does mindless TV count?

  2. taking a deep breath right now… which is hard because I can’t drink my wine at the same time. because it’s too late for coffee now. LOL
    Love how you did this. And shame on me – I didn’t even think of court recess! that’s when hubby has time to text me.

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