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Time out for Mom
Tuesday, November 4/14
Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?
Such a fabulous prompt!!!!
I think if one is going to do anything at all it should be done right because who wants to go back and have to do it again.  I am a tad OCD when it comes to how certain things are kept within our home or fighting for hours trying to format a post on my blog because for whatever reason the formatting is all off  (I do apologize if it looks funny – I think I may have broken it) and my brain is done for the day and there are more days lately when I have to tell myself to just …

Yea- I totally went there and you’re welcome.

On the flip-side of this prompt would be the situation my daughter found herself in yesterday at school. Her BFF was in some minor trouble and had asked my daughter to lie for her to cover it up.  My daughter has always been what we like to call our “Honest Abe” because lying has never been something she likes or can do. It literally causes her moral compass to completely FREAK OUT and make her feel like the worst.person.ever!
So she chose do be honest which caused a somewhat small disagreement with the BFF which I later learned that the BFF had cooled and the planets were back in alignment.
(Girls and their DRAMA- make me a tired Mama!)

So doing the right thing has always been something she has proven time and time again, pays off. Her father and I are very proud!

I believe that if we all just live our lives within our ability to make the world a happy place, you cover both sides of the question.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. You did not use Let It Go on my prompt!!! Now I gotta reset the clock! LOL.
    I think your last line actually sums it up: if we all just take care of our own business to the best of our ability, and with a considerate mind for others: it should take care of itself.

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