Tuesday Coffee chat….

Happy Tuesday! I have my afternoon coffee with a little extra sumpin-sumpin and I have my fuzzy slippers on.

Why… Please see below


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Today is Coffee Chat with my good friend Rory! Click on this link first. Time Out for Mom

Time out for Mom

Today’s topic – “are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

I have completed the following today.

I went to work for 5 hours and left at 12 to pick up both kids and make it to our dental appointments with a new dentist which I am thrilled to report that EVERYONE is cavity free!!!

Dancing Teeth

We do however, myself included need to do a bit better on the brushing front. I am really good about brushing in the morning because I have coffee and NO ONE wants to smell that including me. I am really bad about the brushing before bed. It just becomes a lot of work to get back out of bed to go complete this 2 minute tasks because the idea of sleep has really already taken hold and I can feel my body letting go.

So I told my kids today when we left the dental office that if we needed to make this a family event at night to ensure everyone is brushing AND flossing we will. You can just imagine what they thought of this grand idea.

Anyway, after we got home I did the following :

Called a guy who turned out to be a kid (maybe not much older than my own son) to come paint  and patch a whole in our garage door for cheap because we haven’t and NEED TO GET IT DONE.

Balanced the checkbook – which of course is pointless and depressing.


Here is what I haven’t done and need to.

Finish a card for the next card swap I am attending in two weeks.

Gone through the amazing family portraits we had taken some time ago, pick the favorites and order the prints and holiday cards.  I seem to always wait until the last minute for this because, well I am just that way.

As for letting things go that I can’t seem to…

My back yard.

I have in my brain this imagery of what I want to see when I walk out in the back yard.

But this is more along the lines of what is reality but still not my yard. (some picture I found when I google’d “empty back yards”

I know that I have a blank canvas and it takes time to make art.

Not really sure what my hang up is only that I am stuck.

I will get there. Can’t say I will let it go, but I will get there.

Happy Tuesday night!



  1. I am a big time teeth brusher. I just hate the feeling of my teeth being unclean. I swear toothbrush and toothpaste would be 2 items I would want if stranded on a desert island. ha.
    I can come help you create art in your backyard! I got Picture #1 – after a lot of sweat, dirt and hard work. Honestly, it took a lot of work for a couple of years; but now I can just basically sit out there and enjoy. It’s just minimal effort to maintain. the best thing I did was get an actual garden plan off the Home and Garden website. It told me the plants to buy and where to plant them. was very helpful.

  2. I hear ya on the back yard. I am possibly selling my house this spring, so I am thinking about things like curb appeal and landscaping more than ever. As for right now? I’m letting a garden patch die, so it’s looking pretty rough. Just coming over from Coffee Chat!

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