Sunday’s re-cap and kicking Cancer’s butt.

Happy Sunday!

Here is how I saw this week going. Blog – Blog – wrap gifts and send cards-  Blog – Blog… on time! Then my doctor called on Monday with biopsy results that were less than exciting.

I don’t share my journey with skin cancer on this blog much because well, it is DEPRESSING. And while I want you to be aware of it because it can happen to anyone, I don’t want to come off as preachy or annoying because I myself don’t like blogs that talk about cancer that way.
It’s cancer, it’s mean, it’s ugly and if ignored, deadly.

I don’t allow this beast to dictate my life. This week however, it dictated my schedule of events putting everything I had hope to accomplish, on hold.

Thursday, I had what was my  third round of Melanoma stage1 removed off my right arm.

The short version of my story started back in 2002 I when I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Melanoma on my back which put me on a schedule of every three month check ups for life. I have had countless biopsy’s and have had removed more Basel cell carcinomas then I can recall. My body is a cutting board. Nothing about this journey has been fun and while I know that others have it so much worse than I do, it still sucks and makes you cherish life. Please understand that going to the dermatologist every three months has more than saved my life. So when I tell you it’s skin cancer, please don’t dismiss it (really BIG pet peeve of mine).
Your skin is your largest organ and melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.
It is 100% curable when caught early!

Now onto more witty banter among blogs!

Rory bore over at Time out for Mom talks about Christmas eve traditions.

Our tradition is simple. We celebrate the best gift ever and that is our daughter who will be 14 in 4 days!!!! GULP!

I do recall when I was a child being allowed to open a small gift before we were sent off to bed while the adults enjoyed the adult version of apple cider, some games and then my sister and I would scurry over to  listen by the door to hear rustling around as gifts were being pulled outta their hiding places and placed under the tree.

Next stop —–Feeling Beachie

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

    1. I would never_____
    2. Do you always______
    3. ______ is my favorite holiday
    4. Realizing______ makes me______

1. I would never assume people know what I am thinking because that could be bad.

2. Do you always hold the door open for others, because I do, even when they don’t say thank you.

3. Halloween is my favorite holiday!

4. Realizing Christmas is in 4 days makes me sad because it always flies by. It’s approach is never slow  but always a crazy, fast, absurd warp like speed in which the entire month of December travels and before you know it, the New Year has begun!

Here is to a fabulous Sunday!


  1. Oh girl…. big hugs!!! Keep on fighting and kicking that bastard’s butt.
    Our children are our greatest, most precious gifts so what a sweet blessing to celebrate your daughter’s birth at Christmas time. Happy Birthday to her!
    I’ll be having some adult cider too, I am sure, and kicking back with my family – hopefully starting a new tradition of celebrating together.
    I always hold the door too — I mean, why wouldn’t you? Manner matter! 🙂
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas xx

  2. Oh no… I am sorry, I had no idea… I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this, but I am so thankful that you go every three months to the doctor to check it out. I don’t understand why people are so dismissive… makes me crazy!

  3. Cancer, skin or any other kind, is a huge SOB. I am so glad to hear that you caught it in time, every time. Gosh, that really must suck big time, I am so sorry. No preaching is good, but a little bit of ranting every now and then is totally o.k. with me!
    Hope you had wonderful Christmas despite all the rushing 🙂

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