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Happy Saturday!
Did everyone enjoy and survive the holiday madness?  Happy to report we did and enjoyed
every minute of it! If you look over at my Instagram feed ———>
then you will see some of the family highlights as I chose not to document every moment on film but rather just be in the moment altogether.

I didn’t want to miss the link up this week over at my friend Hilary’s Feeling Beachie

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1. When ___ I _____
2. A ____ is ______
3. _____ is my go to ____
4. I must have _____________ in the shower

1. When it is snowing outside, I really just like to stay inside and drink my new favorite HOT beverage – Apple cider.

2. A good book and a warm blanket is my goal this afternoon!

3. A crisp glass of Riesling is my go to wine!

4. I must have a million projects run thru my brain while I am in the shower!


Happy Saturday!


  1. I wish it had snowed instead of all the rain. Hm, can’t believe I just said that. I hate winter, but the load of rain we had over Christmas – wow! I had goals for today, but then our cable modem broke and I had to drive half an hour (one way) to get a new one. Thankfully, it is now working again.
    Crisp Riesling – of the sweet or dry kind? I am very suspicious since 95 % of all Rieslings here in America are sweet.
    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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