About Me

The creation of Kisma is simple.
She is my alter ego. She is who I would be if we lived in a world of warlocks, magic and spells.  She is the precious feline I brought home as a kitten who blessed this home for 5 short years. She is my inner voice – who argues with my voice of reason. She is my escape from the world when I simple need a break from being myself.


    1. Aw, Michelle, you just made my whole morning. This blog of mine is still a work in progress so thank you for the kind words!
      And thank you too for stopping by.

  1. I’m sitting here in my PJs wondering why this girl is following me. Then I saw the name Coach Daddy. Aha! Common friends. Well, no, not “common” ‘cos he’s pretty special 😀 Maybe “mutual” would be a better word. Okay, so…you have a page for your card making. So where are they? I cain’t see none. I used to do card making sometime last century, but I just didn’t have any talent for it. Oh, I could make one from a book, but to design one myself? Nup, just wasn’t happening.
    Anyway, thanks for deciding to follow me, Kisma. Not sure why you have, but I hope you won’t be disappointed with what you read 🙂

    1. Ha, Lyn! Thanks for stopping by. I have been broadening my blog rolls and yes, I did find you through Coach and he’s pretty awesome! He has introduced me to a whole line up of entertainment! I do have a page for my cards that I added a few months back with the intent of posting some of my designs, it’s a work in progress. Please stay tuned. I will have some up soon. You are the first to inquire, so that means a lot that you noticed! I am far from a pro, but I love making them.

    1. Hi Tamara!
      You ladies rock. I have a tab on here that is a work in progress. I haven’t ventured into the world of Etsy yet but maybe will make that my New Years Resolution by branching out.

  2. Well, no wonder we hooked up! We are so much alike. I love love love sleeping in, and as far as witches, warlocks and magic… wait did you watch “Charmed”? I have every single episode. When they went off the air I just had to get them. I got some at Goodwill, and a couple on ebay and I think 1 on Amazon. I couldn’t spend to much money on them so I had to hunt around for the cheapest ones I could find. I wouldn’t be without them. I have every single Steven King book I can get at Goodwill, but I do have a bookcase filled with them… some I’ve read and some just to say I have them (hehehe). I love the Gunslinger series. Oh yes, we have sooooo very much in common… oh yes, and I have been blessed with an adorable husband also that helps me with my blog from time to time. The only thing you still have teenagers and my 4 children are all married and my teenagers are my grandchilden. We really need to talk more often my friend. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    1. Aww, Maria, you are wonderful! Thank you for the kind words and yes I did watch Charmed when it was on TV. Steven King scare me however, I have to admit. I love that you share your stories of your children and grandchildren! Give me hope that I will survive this phase 🙂

  3. Hi Kisma! I found you through Coach Daddy’s blog. Nice to meet you! Sounds like we have a lot in common… both have two kids (mine are girls, 21 and 23yrs old), we love Italian food and good wine, we love photography, and country music! I look forward to reading more of your posts! Have a wonderful weekend ahead, Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny! So glad you stopped by! Coach has a way of bringing folks together and I love it! God love you for raising two girls! Promise me I will make it through the teens years with mine. :-)I am swinging by your place soon. I have been a bit lazy these last few weeks in the blogging world.

      Have a wonderful week!

      1. Oh yes, you will make it through those teen years! Really challenging at times, but those years zip by so fast! So enjoy! Yes, please visit soon 🙂 You have a wonderful week as well! Jenny

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