Monday’s Music Moves Me


This weeks theme is songs about trains or the word “train” in it.

Well, while this started off as a bit of a challenge for me, that quickly disappeared.
Hello… The king of country

Another cutie…

and a one hit wonder.


Here is to a fabulous week!

Friday’s Follow and a touch of Saturday’s to do list.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. If___ then___
  2. ___ reminds me of ___
  3. I think of _____________ when I ____________
  4. _________ is the most special thing ________ has given me

1. If we don’t try then we will never learn.

2. The crisp air in early mornings reminds me of mornings on the farm with grandma.
My sister and I used to race each other to see who could wake up first to hang with grandma at 4am.

3. I think of how simple life could be when I wake up on Saturdays and realize that we have NO PLANS.
All that is planned is a hair appointment and a trip to the hardware store so we can install a new mailbox. (super exciting, right?)

4. Endless support is the most special thing my amazing hubby has given me.

Thursday’s Pondering

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This weeks word is Book!

The most obvious of this would be -“what book are you reading?”

I am reading two books in fact – “Bridget Jones Diary – About a Boy” which is kinda slow and the other is a comic book about Calvin and Hobbes.

When one needs to book an appointment to the doctor, dentist and the salon to make mom (that’s me) feel pretty.

A scary thought indeed would be when a person is taken into police custody and booked for the crimes in which they committed.

And the last one

I have to book – it to work because I have sat here way to long pondering what to write for this fun blog hop!

Thanks for stopping by!


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