Tuesday’s the new Monday?

Just because…

And since I am working on my second cup – here are my thoughts!

This week I will look for the good in others, the silver lining in all things, push negativity out of my thoughts and exchange it for the lighter side of life. <insert sarcastic giggle here>

I have a three month check up this week and while I am dreading it, I am also as I always do, going in with the expectation that what will be will be.

This check up will mark one year of NED, which translates to no evidence of disease, aka,cancer.


I can really use all the prayers people want to toss my way because I don’t think it will happen. And I will explain later.

Monday’s Music on Labor Day!


This weeks theme is a freebie! Today is a “holiday” or is an extended weekend for many folks.  For some, it is the last day before the  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

(We are starting week 3 tomorrow but who is counting… really?)

This is the song that I just made a card too and reminds me of what Labor Day “should be like” . Just a day of FUN and nothing more.

I may have used this one in the past for this prompt before, but I didn’t think any ladies would mind

And because I don’t know ANYBODY that works this shift but the songs is catchy and iconic!

Happy Labor Day!

Fridays 4 follow Fill IN

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

Living in_____ makes me______
Wondering what will happen always makes me ___________
Looking back I would have ______
Listening to_____ makes me feel_____

1. Living in Colorado makes me truly appreciate ALL 4 seasons.

2. Wondering what will happens always makes me a little crazy.

3. Look back I would have not cared so much about being accepted by those who simple don’t care.

4. Listening to music in general makes me feel at peace.

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