Tuesday’s and lack of time….

I realize that I said I was going to do something with pictures of some trip we took and then didn’t.

School started a week ago for our two and although they are the ones that do the most work <let me dream> I have not been able to catch up with myself in regard to this blog!

Time is my enemy folks!

I need more TIME!

I wish….

Working full time and school starting have sucked what little time I did have right outta me and by the time I get home, make sure EVERYONE has completed what needs to be completed, communicated – all I want is an adult beverage and couch time.



I told my hubby last night that I, ME, not him, needed a computer night.


He giggled….

Please stay tuned. I will eventually catch up with me, myself and I.


Monday’s Music Moves Me.

This weeks theme is “songs that make you happy”.

The first one that popped into my brain I blame on the TV series that my family and I literally wrapped up last night  and that is this one, Smallville.


Out of most of the hero – comic book hero’s- I adore Superman! I realize this show is about 5 years old, but who watches LIVE TV anymore, really?

I apologize for the length, but it really is AWESOME! The theme song is played during the scene where Clark is getting a “replay of all his trails”.

And then there is this one because well, it’s just good! With summer’s end upon us, I am ready for cooler temps and the smell of fall in the air!


Happy Monday!

Follow Friday Four Fill In.

I am still playing catch up with last week. Pictures of the trip will be posted THIS WEEKEND!

Until then, TGIF and hop on board!

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. When do you______
  2. Why is it that_____?
  3. During a______ I ________
  4. Singing in the _______ is______

1. When do you just let go and be with yourself?

2. Why is that people insist on pushing the button to the elevator & cross walks over AND over AND over like it will magically make things change faster.

3. During a walk I always just listen to whats around me vs my IPOD unless I am at work and then the ear buds are in because the business park is LOUD.

4. Singing in the rain is one of my favorite classic movies!

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