Random Thoughts Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!


My brain is a tad scattered this morning because I have a zillion things to take care of while actually working full time!


Sigh… responsibility kinda blows!

My kids start back to school in 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS! Where did summer go????

In two weeks our family is going on a camping trip. CANNOT WAIT! Camping with my hubby and his dad is the best vacation because they do EVERYTHING. I simple document the event with my camera to prove I was there! WE are not the RV kind of campers, we are the family that in order to camp with us, you MUST have 4wheel drive to get where we are going. It is kinda awesome, just saying.

In those same two weeks, the kids each have doctors appointments for physicals – thankfully at the same time!

WE still need to finish painting the front door and the garage door to our newly sided house so everything matches. Our home is currently sporting a taupe with white trip and very faded yellow garage door.

My back yard will be the end of me because the landscaping I envision in my brain requires more talent and $$$$ than I currently have.

I need to design and make a card for a swap I am participating in and the best thing about this one is I already have the design in my brain, I just need to bring it to LIFE. Muhahahaha.

See what I did there…. lol.


I need time to just slooooow down.

If either of my children were in sports, I would need more coffee in a day because I can barely keep up with life now.

TO my geeky children, bless you! ( while at times I curse the computers and technology) I am also thankfully that I am not running either of you around to sporting events. ( I totally would) but am glad its not necessary.



Here is to a fabulous Tuesday!

Monday’s Music Moves Me

Happy Monday!


Welcome aboard our 203rd wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Celebration Special!

This weeks theme is a freebie, so I am pulling the videos from the concert my hubby and I went on this past week!

A concert where it  rained for 90% of the entire show.

At 7pm, this guy (Frankie Ballard) took the stage!

When he isn’t singing, his favorite word is “baby” – just saying.

The next group (Gloriana) came onstage –

And then the main event appears and the crowd goes wild!

This was their opening song which is just fun!

A few songs into the concert they played this song which I of course screamed like a teenager!

This song holds a special place in my heart because it’s at the top of my list of songs I lean on during those trying doctors visits I endure every three months. WE all have a song that helps us deal with moments in time, this one is mine.

I woke up with a sore throat and I believe my hubby may have been a little deaf from all the girls screaming including myself.

I am not ashamed!

The night will forever be etched in my brain not only because I was able to spend the time with my best friend in life, it will hold a special place in my heart because there are not many who would endure going to a concert to music they simple tolerate, but to do it in the rain, well that’s just pure and unconditional love!

I have the Best husband EVER!!

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