Monday’s Music Moves Me.

This week’s theme is – Tell us where you are from, and post your hometown bands, artists, or songs.

I am lucky in that I was blessed to live in a few states.

I was born in Iowa and while this performer isn’t from Iowa, sadly he passed away there in 1959. Ironically, he is from Texas which is where I called home from the age of 5 to just after my 21st birthday.

Here is a young band that I just heard earlier this weekend and am excited to hear them branching out as they are from Denton, TX., a town that was just an hour away from where we lived for quite some time!

I love this group from Denver which has been home now for over 20 years.

Here is to a great week!

Follow Friday 4 Fill In

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

I find ____________very _______________
My favorite _________________ is______________
Why do I always ___________?
My favorite time of the day is __________ because _________

1. I find this week especially, that people are being very selfish!

2. My favorite thing to do is nothing!

3. Why do I always attract the lost, confused and stupid, disguised as adults?

4. My favorite time of the day is early morning because I am either motivated to get up and get moving or take advantage of the hour and sleep just five more minutes.

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