Monday’s Music Moves Me

Happy Monday!


Welcome aboard our 203rd wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Celebration Special!

This weeks theme is a freebie, so I am pulling the videos from the concert my hubby and I went on this past week!

A concert where it  rained for 90% of the entire show.

At 7pm, this guy (Frankie Ballard) took the stage!

When he isn’t singing, his favorite word is “baby” – just saying.

The next group (Gloriana) came onstage –

And then the main event appears and the crowd goes wild!

This was their opening song which is just fun!

A few songs into the concert they played this song which I of course screamed like a teenager!

This song holds a special place in my heart because it’s at the top of my list of songs I lean on during those trying doctors visits I endure every three months. WE all have a song that helps us deal with moments in time, this one is mine.

I woke up with a sore throat and I believe my hubby may have been a little deaf from all the girls screaming including myself.

I am not ashamed!

The night will forever be etched in my brain not only because I was able to spend the time with my best friend in life, it will hold a special place in my heart because there are not many who would endure going to a concert to music they simple tolerate, but to do it in the rain, well that’s just pure and unconditional love!

I have the Best husband EVER!!

Friday Follow – 4 fill in!

Feeling BeachieThe statements:

  1. If I eat too many_____, I_______
  2.  Running a____is______
  3. Why is it that_________?
  4. Where do you_____?

1. If I eat too many chips or sweets, I tend to show it on my face like a teenager and it blows!

2. Running an exercise that I once did faithfully, that is, until I jacked up my knee and walking is the best that I can do.

3. Why is that as children, naps were the enemy and as an adult, we relish them!

4. Where do you like to escape reality?

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