Friday Follow – 4 fill in!

Feeling BeachieThe statements:

  1. If I eat too many_____, I_______
  2.  Running a____is______
  3. Why is it that_________?
  4. Where do you_____?

1. If I eat too many chips or sweets, I tend to show it on my face like a teenager and it blows!

2. Running an exercise that I once did faithfully, that is, until I jacked up my knee and walking is the best that I can do.

3. Why is that as children, naps were the enemy and as an adult, we relish them!

4. Where do you like to escape reality?

Monday’s Music Moves Me!

Happy Monday! Who’s excited for the week!!!!!


Lets start it off with some fun tunes!




This week’s theme is  your favorite Rock n’ Roll  or Country Male singers!

First and foremost, my all time favorite group who I will visiting on Wednesday when they make an appearance in our town!!!

Then there is the King of Country!

And then of course this tall blond who is just awesome!

And yes of course, there is this wonderful man!



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