Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day to all my northern friends.
I have to say that I went to bed last night feeling very accomplished.
I have walked every day for a month – EVEN – when I really just wanted to snooze one more time.
(Mornings really do come way to early.) 

I placed a goal to read more and started with reading a book a month because I know myself and where I used read one a week, not so much anymore.
(I get distracted with life)
Last night I finished my first book on this goal – even though it was almost 11pm before I actually went to sleep – but the book is READ.
 (I will pay for that late hour later) 
Lastly, I am finding I am disconnecting more and more.  Where I felt I needed to be in the know with certain folks and events taking place,  I realized it is okay to just take care of myself and be in the moment and NOT feel guilty about it.
Learning to say NO used to be hard for me. Not so much anymore.
(very refreshing)
Happy Tuesday!

Follow Friday Four Fill – In Fun

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I am trying hard to learn how to ____
  2.  ___ makes me think that ____
  3. When you try too hard, _______
  4. Can you really______?

1. I am trying hard to learn how to just be in the moment.
2. My first tomato appearing makes me think that I can garden after-all – outdoors! 
3. When you try to hard, you learn real fast those that appreciate it and those that do not.
4. Can you really just go to the bathroom these days WITHOUT YOUR PHONE.?  


Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1. I ____
2. Once I ____now _____
3. there is a ___ between ___ and _____/li>
4. Did you ever _____?

1. I am soooooo over this week! It has been beyond busy and I am tired.

2. Once I used to say EXACTLY what I thought, no filter now days I find myself biting my tongue because it is easier.

3. There is a fine line between growing up and adulthood. Some people have yet to figure that out.

4. Did you ever just want to shake somebody and say WTF????