Follow Friday Four Fill – In Fun

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I am trying hard to learn how to ____
  2.  ___ makes me think that ____
  3. When you try too hard, _______
  4. Can you really______?

1. I am trying hard to learn how to just be in the moment.
2. My first tomato appearing makes me think that I can garden after-all – outdoors! 
3. When you try to hard, you learn real fast those that appreciate it and those that do not.
4. Can you really just go to the bathroom these days WITHOUT YOUR PHONE.?  


Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1. I ____
2. Once I ____now _____
3. there is a ___ between ___ and _____/li>
4. Did you ever _____?

1. I am soooooo over this week! It has been beyond busy and I am tired.

2. Once I used to say EXACTLY what I thought, no filter now days I find myself biting my tongue because it is easier.

3. There is a fine line between growing up and adulthood. Some people have yet to figure that out.

4. Did you ever just want to shake somebody and say WTF????


Coffee Chat with Rory!

This weeks topic is what makes you feel the most confident, attractive and or sexy?

This one is easy for me.

The love I get everyday from my amazing husband & two kids.

There isn’t a day that goes by that my better half doesn’t remind me but also shows me just how much he adores, loves and cherishes me.

It is usually the tiniest of gestures too. A text in the middle of an insane day.

A glass of wine ready when I get home because he is home before me which could lead to more a promising evening. <wink-wink>

My daughter coming to me for help with her make -up, hair and clothing.

My son warning me about the “icky scenes in movies” because he knows I am a wuss.

I will say, getting my hair refreshed with a new color and trim, a spritz of my favorite perfume or wearing my favorite blouse or even color  have been known to cause me to sing

” I Feel Pretty”


The respect, love and admiration I get from my family all around gives me a pretty good high.

If that doesn’t boost a gals confidant level through the roof – no lingerie, college degree or expensive hair do will either.

I believe all things beauty come from within and how we are treated and allow ourselves to be treated that make us feel amazing.

Everything else is simple a “perk” to being a girl.