WW – Phone call home


So last week our family celebrated a BIG DAY.

Our son, who’s our oldest made the leap of faith to follow his dream of becoming a United States Marine. A week ago Monday we watched him swear in and said our final farewells until April and then we waited…..

and waited……

and waited……

and waited for what felt like a million years.

I was so nervous, my husband and I practiced calling to ensure I could answer the phone fast enough and get it on speaker so we could both hear our son.

At 11:10 pm Monday night, I answered my phone and we listened to our son SCREAM the following into the phone before hanging up.

It took him exactly 20 seconds before he hung up.

To say it was the most beautiful phone call EVER would be an understatement. I have replayed his voice over and over every day since this phone call.

We won’t get another one – the only means of communication until graduation are letters that we write every day.

In 13 weeks -our son is going to be a Marine!


Five More Minutes


Good morning all!

It’s Monday, time to check back into realty and do the work and school thing. While we had a good dumping of snow, there is no “snow day”.

Life goes on.

Because it is Monday and I am on top of my “game” this morning” I love this little link up.

I have been waiting patiently to share this tune that just hits ya right in the gut – and fits my mood.

Anyone know the secret to stopping time yet?

Love and hugs!


Monday’s Muse Part II


Two posts in one day, SURPRISE!


Marie over at Xmas Dolly always hosts this fun music blog hop and I wanted to make sure not to miss it this week.

This weeks theme is songs with colors in them and being the country girl I am, this was the first song that popped into my brain.


What can I say, he’s pretty. 🙂

Make it a great week everyone!

Love and hugs,


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