Wordy Wednesday: Youth

I’m off today and have a mess of appointments to attend to, but I took an early morning walk to start the day.

I walk by the elementary school in our neighborhood and stopped long enough to capture these swings.

Tomorrow children will swarm to them, over them, on them and climb them.

School starts for our area tomorrow and it’s bittersweet.

I miss being a kid and having no cares or concerns except what do to and whats for dinner.

Being an adult has its perks for sure, but life gets so crazy and the world seems a little broken as of late so seeing this swings made me a little nostalgic.

Hug your loved ones and remember to take time to stop and just breath.

To all those starting a new school year, may it be the best one yet!


love and hugs!



Friday’s Feel Good & A Great Bra!


Happy Friday everyone, we made it!

Lets dance!

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Hey all, do you remember this fun teaser post I did some time ago?

Teaser Post

Well as promised, I have been doing my homework and it’s time to share some thoughts.

Women get to play with clothes and because of that, certain styles require a certain bra. Finding the right bra is an art form within itself. It requires time, patience and lets face it, $$$.  I have yet to met a women who enjoys this adventure much less has the time to do it, regardless of how cute or sexy the bra is. I mean that is what we want after all. The right bra can make a woman feel like a million bucks and lead her to conquer anything thrown at her.


Shopping for one is just dumb.

Our boobs are not uniform as one would believe.

The straps are either to wide or to thin and dig into our shoulders

strapless ones like to slide down

strapless bra’s aren’t always the most supportive

strapless isn’t always the prettiest

The closures in the back can dig in and hurt

the stupid little tag in the back!

the perfect color

fabric, lace or smooth, it matters.

A cup in one design may not fit the way it will in another.

don’t even get me started about the dangers of an underwire

It’s a process and ladies everywhere must endure it unless you don’t mind the “girls” free falling and weekends at home do not count, just saying.

Okay, so getting down to business.

After the initial line of communication with Thirdlove, I placed my order for this one 24/7 Strapless Bra  We all know that a good strapless bra is going to cost us some bank but in doing so, the bra should last. Its not an everyday bra, it’s specific. Since signing up for this brand, my inbox has received emails offering a multitude of savings as well as specials so for those thrifty ladies out there, don’t fret you won’t go broke!

The service and ease of ordering the bra was excellent! The site emails an order confirmations as well as when the product ships. It only took about three days from the time I placed the order to receive the cute little box on my front porch.

Never have I been so excited to try a bra!

Like other trendy lingerie stores, everything was wrapped in pretty tissue paper!

So cute and an added touch with the Thank you note including care instructions!

Thirdlove has something I have never seen offered from any bra brand?

Ladies, let me introduce you to the 1/2 size cup option!

I wasn’t sure at first if this was an option I would need but I decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did. It’s like this bra was made just for me! It required very little adjustment and when I tried it on, it was so comfortable and the fit is perfect!


In order to give a good review, I needed to wear the bra a bunch. So I went shopping in my closet! I forgot how many fun tops and dresses I own that require a strapless bra, which made this review even better!

Not this…

In addition to the fabric being super soft and TAG FREE, I also loved the silicon band around the bottom and sides which provide amazing support that kept the girls up and in place. It didn’t irritate my skin which I know for some ladies is an issue.

I never felt the need to hike it up or adjust.

Image result for adjusting bra gif
Ya know what I mean….

The bra is intended to be strapless however; it did come with not one, but two sets of removable straps; a black & clear.  Christmas in a box ladies, two bras in one and I bet you could mix it up and cross the straps for a new style where you don’t need strapless but its nice to have the option to hide the straps when able.

The straps are super comfy and again, I didn’t feel the need to adjust. Bigger bonus, the straps attach and STAY put! Those of us who have gone to slide the strap over our shoulder only to have the strap whip around & snap us in the arm or face, much love as I really do feel your pain!

I am super pleased and impressed with the overall product and service. I’m excited to share too a special discount code for any readers interested in indulging themselves – use the code TLJLY10!!!

( I really tried to find one flaw with this process but honestly, I just enjoyed the whole thing and love this bra and can’t wait to order a few more for my wardrobe!)

After hearing about Thirdlove, I couldn’t wait to try it myself and share!
Comfort, style, presentation, ease and quality all get an A+!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Let me add that I am not receiving any compensation or free product for my experience or commentary during this process. All thoughts are my own.

Monday’s Music and Plumbers


How did Monday sneak up on us so fast?

Maybe its because I took a nice “stay-cation” last week and disconnected. I may have peaked at some Inta’s and FB posts just to see what the world is up to but really, I lost myself in picking up the mess that is my house, went to the zoo with family, drank coffee while it was STILL HOT, went to my second Rockies game this season with my best friend, had a date night with my amazing hubby and really, just chilled.


This morning I am at home waiting for the plumber because I have that kind of time. Stupid line couldn’t back up while I was ON vacation, nope… always happens on the weekend and thankfully it wasn’t an emergency so we could push it to today and avoid the “weekend rate” – everyone say a little prayer for my checkbook today!

Soooooooo, while I am waiting I decided I needed to jump back on this wagon because lasts weeks was a lot of fun. Everyone needs a little music to get their mornings going, ESPECIALLY on a Monday!

PhotobucketIt’s another catchy tune by a couple of cuties!

Here is to a great week everyone.

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