Sunny on Sunday!


Many of us grew up in a period where Sunday’s meant church, brunch and then home to relax because everything was closed. There were no errands or “chores” it was truly a day of rest and relaxing and hanging with family or friends.

Anyone miss that?

I never thought I would but I find the older I have gotten the more I really appreciate the ability to get up early to start the day and do a whole lot of nothing. The weeks are always busy with work and chores of daily life that I get excited when I realize that I have planned NOTHING for the weekend. The idea that I can do whatever feels right or if I chose to cat nap on the couch or binge watch the newest Netflix obsessed show. It’s a beautiful thing!

Love and hugs friends!





Wordy Wednesday: The Bubble

Happy Hump Day!

My family and I have this running joke about the weather in our neck of the woods.

We have discovered we live under a magic bubble where all the silliness of Colorado’s spring time weather tends to “miss us”. That isn’t to say we don’t get any weird weather ever, but for the most part when my neighbors down the road are talking about the rain or snow or lord help us all, hail… I usually end up shrugging my shoulders and say we didn’t get a drop of anything.

So a few weeks back when my hubby was checking the forecast for a spring time storm that was headed our way, our theory was proven.

Here is the general map of the Denver metro area from where we live.

Please note ALL THE BLUE!

Here is a zoomed in version of the same map and where we live.

Please note the “Bubble” and the green dot which is us.

Pretty awesome when you think about it however I would love for the rain to come because then I don’t need to water my grass. Mother Nature would do me a HUGE favor if she would just take care of the pricey chore for me!

Just saying….





Friday’s Funny – The Greatest Hubby


Ever see a movie that you find yourself become addicted to on every level?

I love a good musical and my hubby would rather chew nails than endure one and I grant him that so normally I don’t even ask him to commit to watching one with me.

Not this time… see below and please ignore the typo.

He not only saw this movie with me IN the theater when it initially released but watched again with me at home on the couch because he’s a pretty awesome guy I am blessed to call mine!


Happy Friday all!

P.S. If you haven’t seen this movie, you must!

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