Monday’s Music and Plumbers


How did Monday sneak up on us so fast?

Maybe its because I took a nice “stay-cation” last week and disconnected. I may have peaked at some Inta’s and FB posts just to see what the world is up to but really, I lost myself in picking up the mess that is my house, went to the zoo with family, drank coffee while it was STILL HOT, went to my second Rockies game this season with my best friend, had a date night with my amazing hubby and really, just chilled.


This morning I am at home waiting for the plumber because I have that kind of time. Stupid line couldn’t back up while I was ON vacation, nope… always happens on the weekend and thankfully it wasn’t an emergency so we could push it to today and avoid the “weekend rate” – everyone say a little prayer for my checkbook today!

Soooooooo, while I am waiting I decided I needed to jump back on this wagon because lasts weeks was a lot of fun. Everyone needs a little music to get their mornings going, ESPECIALLY on a Monday!

PhotobucketIt’s another catchy tune by a couple of cuties!

Here is to a great week everyone.

Friday’s Funny – Love and Mucas

Good morning!

Happy Friday…. who’s agrees that June has been a whooper of a month?

Computer gremlins, telephone trolls, sleep thieves and the inability to form a sentence without doing the following…..

Image result for raspberries gif

….because my mouth can’t keep up with my brain.

The struggle is real folks!

Case and point – here is the latest and greatest lousy “auto -correct” conversation that took place between my amazing hubby and myself on his recent business trip.


True love right here folks!

When in the hell has anyone used the words Mucas & love in the same sentence?

Telephones trolls, that is my only excuse!

Image result for telephone trolls gif

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!



6 Words for Fortunes


I had a picture I wanted to post for WW but I never got around to making the edits I wanted to. Instead I was S U C K E D into the land known to so many as…..

Image result for netflix gif


and watched a show. There is one more episode left in the series but it was after 9 and well, 4 am comes very early if one goes to bed much past 8. I slept in until 4:30.

In the meantime, I am dying to see how the show ends so I won’t share because I don’t want spoilers. However; over at Coach’s place, he’s sharing fortunes in 6 words and they are truly uplifting!

6 words – Fortunes

Love and hugs friends!

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