The Shower Curtain

Do you remember your first apartment?

Think about the decor, the size, the layout.

Did you have a roommate or live alone?

Was the apartment on the first level or higher up?

Remember the excitement you had that lead up to the day you got to MOVE out of your parents house and into your own place?

How are old were you?

How far away did you move? Was it across town or in another state or even out of the country?

Can you see it again?

I watched my daughter pick out a shower curtain for her new apartment this weekend. She walked up and down the aisle at Target looking at the options and avoiding one side as they were more than a shower curtain should be allowed to be.

I watched her take pictures of the ones she liked and sent them to her roommate aka the boyfriend. She asked for my input and I suggested maybe not getting something too “girly” otherwise her choices were all pretty awesome. We continued the journey through Target (which is dangerous) while we waited for the boyfriend to confirm his opinion.

It was a very surreal moment for this mama. Schools are starting in the surrounding districts this week which is CRAZY, however, my amazing hubby and I are breathing a sigh of relief that that stage is now over for us and the next chapter has begun. While college kids are heading out the door to begin their next chapter, our baby girl decided she wants to go conquer the world a little bit and discover who she is.

Starting with a shower curtain.

Love and hugs!


I haven’t blogged since, well its been a minute. I won’t apologize as one my goals this year was to stop doing just that unless the apology was truly needed. This is not one of those times. I ask a fellow blogger for a prompt because I needed something to get the juices flowing again. They told me to write about gratitude, easy enough. 

Gratitude is something many have and even more take for granted in this day in age and it really is sad.  It’s simple really, every day there is something to be grateful for. 

Here’s some of mine….

1. My silly alarm clock

2. The dog greeting me on the way down the stairs (little nub of a tail wagging away)

3. The feisty feline trio that circle me until I fill their bowls with food


6. KYGO 98.5 – morning show because they make me laugh

7. My kids sharing memes and gifs when we are all together

8. My morning ME time. 

9. The friends that send me good morning texts- be it daily or once in a while. 

10. My hubby arriving to the kitchen to give me a good morning kiss & hug

11. We car pool to work – so we get that extra time together

12. My morning walk break

13. Lunch because I work hard to pack them and get excited to dive into them. 

14. small talk

15. A good song that I haven’t heard in a while on my Spotify

16. Werther’s Originals caramels!

17. Water


19. A strangers smile walking in the park

20. Picture of babies

21. My hubby sending me love texts out of the blue

22. My kids checking in

23. Boss telling me good job

24. Quitting time

25. Getting my hands in the dirt and cleaning up my yard

26. Cooking dinner with my hubby

28. Martinis

29. 80’s movies

30. Middle of the week

31. Puppy kisses

32. A fun drink made by my hubby 

33. Friday night data night

34. Weekends with NOTHING planned

35. That there isn’t a # 5 on this list!

36. I bet I made you go back and double check that #5 is missing.

37. Darn it – #27 is missin too! ( #winning)

38. Made you laugh didn’t I?

39. Proofing and editing because well, things get missed, clearly.

40. This blog and those that may stop by. 

Image result for snoopy- woodstock  thank you
What are you thankful for?

Monday’s Muse

I stopped watching the news because its depressing as hell. I listen to a morning show for weather and trendy topics. This morning I heard a story that hit home and I wanted to share because it gave me all the feels goods.

My hubby and I have a standing date night every week so I love everything about this story!

Spread the love peeps, love and hugs!