Taco Tuesday…

Lol, this post isn’t about taco’s but it’s a catchy title, it got your attention, and brought you here didn’t it? 😉

We are coming up on the last week of AUGUST! I can’t help but think that time hasn’t slowed down at all, even with all that is going on in the world today. I have been seeing all the first day of school pictures on Insta and FB. The images are fun but different and creative this year. The battle many are facing with COVID still lingering in the air, is remote or hybrid or in person learning. Everyone has their place / opinion and no one is wrong in what they chose.

In that same breath, it has been just over a month now that our oldest and last child living at home not only moved out, but moved 4 hours away ( ACK).

I know other parents whose kids have moved across the country or left the states altogether to travel abroad. Regardless of the destination, this new phase of life for hubs and I has been weird, not bad at all, just weird. The empty nester phase is a real thing and until a few short weeks ago, neither of us thought it would ever happen.

Now we have this GIGANTIC house all to ourselves.

Meals have become a thing of the past, we have adopted one of those pre-made meals that you just cook and put together without any thought to it all because it’s all written out and all the moving parts are provided. NO THINKING required.

Laundry is a distant memory

Haven’t been to the grocery store in a few weeks now which is freeing in and of itself.

The only schedules/calendars we have to keep are our own!

The savings account has money it in again, not a lot mind you, but more than we are used to seeing. It’s really neat.

Our kids call/text us at least once a week which is more than either of them did when they actually lived at home and I LOVE it.

Parenthood is an amazing journey regardless of the phase you are in. It is a struggle most days and other days, the coffee is strong to push you through the day and the wine is a reward for not ending your offsprings very existence. No one said being a parent is easy. HARDEST job ever.

The pay off comes later in life when your adult children have become some your best friends in life. You can look at them and remind yourself that you are/were far from perfect and made monumental mistakes as a parent but they survived and so did you. You also made some fantastic memories for you and for them.

Kudos to all the parents & teachers having to deal with all the crazy that this school year is presenting, YOU GOT THIS!

love and hugs…

4 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday…

  1. I can’t imagine all three of my kids being out of the house. Right now it’s just our son, away at college (about 2 hours) – not too bad and he still comes home from time to time. It’s weird that he’s gone again though after being home for about 5 months due to Covid. My middle daughter is a senior this year so she’ll be next with college and our little one started 6th grade this year so she’ll be with us for a few years yet – yay. I love having all my babies home but know that they need to spread their wings and do their own stuff!

    1. This year has been a different one for sure! I loved having the kids home too, its a little too quiet but yet, not the kind of the quiet that makes us parents go investigate as to “why”, that is the weird part. lol.

      Thanks for swinging by – I wish you and yours a great school year!

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