Mom Boss – Hilary Grossman

Hi all!

My good friend Hilary has a new book out and I couldn’t be happier for her.

The ladies of the Forest River PTA are back in book 3, Mom Boss.

If you have followed the ladies of Forest River and are like me and had a love-hate for Jackie Martins antics, this book proves you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!  This book has been my favorite read so far. Hilary has once again knocked it out of the park in capturing the beauty of friendship, family values and a woman’s journey of personal growth. It wouldn’t be a story in Forest River without lots of drama, feel good tears and laughter that share the tales of how the well do to ladies of Forest River manage their day to day existence in between chauffeur duties, workouts, shopping, manicures, etc. 

Jackie is a determined mom who wants to make sure her daughter’s popularity at school is top notch. She quickly learns that she will have to win the heart of the PTA president, Pamela, who is less than impressed with Jackie’s eagerness to help out.

With the help and encouraging advice provided by her mother in-law Joan and the other ladies she befriends along they way, Jackie decides to take a different approach altogether and is determined to win over the entire schools parent and student population to make sure he daughter excels in more than just academics.

Her journey takes us through the here and now, past and present and a roller coaster ride of the various frustrations, petty drama, new friendships, heartbreak, betrayal and learning to let go.

I was blessed to receive an ARC of Mom Boss from the author to read and provide a review and am so glad I did. This book has been my favorite in the series thus far! I have loved every one of Hilary’s books! If you haven’t read this series yet, you won’t be disappointed.

Such a fun and fantastic read!

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