Are we done yet?

I hadn’t quite figured out what to title this post when I started it because I wasn’t sure what I was actually going to write.I just stared at the blank page until the words started finding their way from my brain to my fingertips tapping the letters on the keyboard forming the thoughts in a manner that made me feel better.

What I know is that the year of 2020 has kicked the worlds ass butt and continues to do exactly that, We are tired, we are all dealing with COVID fatigue, the numbers are climbing again, and now we have flu and cold season mixed in with that. Who’s having fun?

We are struggling with isolation, we are suffering from a political circus that simply will not end. Not sure whats worse actually?!

The world has truly been broken this year, thank you 2020.

BUT, all that negativity said, the world is still beautiful.

We are pivoting, maybe not as brilliantly as the “Friends” episode that made us laugh hysterically so many years ago, but we are making concessions.

Magic and miracles are still taking place!

New friendships are being made, and old ones rekindled.

People are taking care of themselves more because they have been forced into isolation. They can’t hide from themselves.

We are cleaning out our homes of junk, extra baggage, belongings and all things negative. I know I feel lighter.

Weddings are still taking place

Happy Hours and family gatherings have gotten creative.

Babies are born

Birthdays are being celebrated

The holidays are around the corner and people are planning, a little differently but planning non the less.

The sun and the moon still rise and set

The world is still revolving even though it is battered and bruised.

I know we are tired, exhausted and frustrated.

Hang in there folks, this too shall pass!

Love and hugs!

2 thoughts on “Are we done yet?

  1. This too shall pass. A phrase I use often these days. Trying to keep a positive attitude and feel grateful for the little things. It’s not always easy but it’s true – there is still good in the world and we can’t forget it.

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