Martini Monday

When is the last time you looked at your phones photo library? How many pictures are on your phone? Are you an avid picture taker or a novice? How many meme’s vs screenshots vs ACTUAL pictures do you see? I tend to download fun images for my Instagram page for this blog and later delete them to keep things tidy on my phone, ( it’s an ODC thing, don’t judge me).

As I was going through my pictures on my phone, cleaning things up from all the thousands of documented events, I began shaking my head thinking back to the day when I had my first digital camera which was a Minolta DiMage 5 ( I think, doesn’t matter,) it was the coolest thing back 1998 . But all the work that went into retrieving the photos taken with it required a process. Instant gratification was still about 6 steps away vs weeks. I went from taking pictures with an old SLR, dropping the film case in a envelope at Wal-Mart and sending it off to patiently wait a week for it to be returned to see how well my skills were. Back in 2010, I recall finding an old roll of film in one of our moves and not knowing what was on it and how HARD it was to find a place that would process the roll for me and when I did, the wait time was insanely long.

NOW, I just spent a morning cleaning out all the photos on my phone and in doing so thought to myself, anyone who would go through the photos on my phone, would learn fairly quickly that I am two things:

1. A lush…

2. A lush that loves a good martini because I have a ton of pictures of them!

All that said, I thought it would be a fun post to share some of the ones I captured over the last few years.

Chilies Bar and Grill – “FANGTASTIC RITA” – it was fun to order and consume over my favorite time of year!
Bone Fish Grill’s “Winter White Cosmo” We go here specifically so I can enjoy this drink every holiday season.
Costa di Mare in Vegas – I wish I could remember the name to this beauty, everything about it was delightful.
Gabriel’s Italian Bistro – Carmel Apple Martini – VERY SWEET and a wonderful end to the amazing meal before.
Eddy V’s Prime Seafood – 24 KARAT – I had two because it was that AMAZING!

8 thoughts on “Martini Monday

  1. I just started cleaning out my camera roll last night – I have sooooo many images and between Google Photos and LR, plenty of backups and yet, I keep them all in my camera roll as well.
    Those drinks looks amazing. I’m not a martini person myself but once had a lychee martini that I really enjoyed.

    1. HI Friend! I am not sure what a lychee martini is but I will look it up. I prefer wine but wine has started disagreeing with me the older I get which is just rude and really lame.
      Anyway, crazy how technology has changed the way we manage pictures. I love it and hate it. lol. Thanks for swinging by! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. They all look delicious!! The garnishing really levels it up right? I love cosmopolitans; it’s my usual go-to drink. My father in law makes amazing sour apple martinis.
    I’m definitely a little particular about what pics get the honour of staying in the camera roll lol. I like it tidy and actually save a lot of favourites as files. My laptop memory is almost full from all the DSLR shots over the years… time to buy an external drive!

    1. First, I am terribly sorry for the delay in responding to this! OMG.. I am so not good at this. Thank you for swinging by as always. I have an external drive as well and actually just about a month ago invested in some flash drives to clean that off. SO MANY PICTURES. lol. I used to love a good cosmo and then one night, a long, long, very long time ago, I had one too many and haven’t touched them since! LOL.

  3. I love that you take photos of your drinks—and they all look so festive and delicious!! I feel like my photos are mostly my daughter and dog and food and funny memes lol. I miss the days of printing out photos and having actual albums to look through!

    1. I LOVE the pictures you share of your little girl and dog! They are the sweetest! Thank you for swinging by and apologies for the epic delay in responding!

  4. It is simple. you just appreciate liquid art. It is funny that we take more photos but have fewer pictures. I recently downloaded, uploaded, and had printed enough photos for my daughter’s graduation party and her photo boards. I am not sure what my photo stream says about me but I love nature, my dogs, and a occasional plate of good food. Hope all is well – stay safe and sane and keep making your days count. Peace.

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