Seasons Change

I come here when I get inspired to share something with all of you and those faithful readers that having dumped me and for that, I am grateful. I am really bad at replying to comments on here and I just want to say to those of you that take the time to swing by and read and comment, I am truly sorry. I see your comments and approve them and then the days get away from me and I never get back to responding. I am that friend who texts you back instantly or a week later.

All that said, I felt the need to post something fun.

As the days are starting to grow shorter and many people are saddened by the close of summer, I come alive as fall knocks on the door. There have been years where fall sticks around for a long while and others where it teases us before winter comes in and scares it away. That is how Colorado rolls I guess, lol.

Fall is my favorite time of year and here is why….

The leaves change into bright yellow , dark red and golds.

The air is crisp and cool in the mornings and its time to pull on those old comfy jeans and hoodie.

It’s soup and chili season

Football Season ( although I never watch or pay attention)

Fire pits on the deck with wine and blanket

Pumpkin EVERYTHING ( lol, you people need to calm down, I get it, its tasty and wonderful but it doesn’t need to be everywhere)

The trees and plants prepare for a reset and rest.

Flannel season

Scarf season

Apple Cider

Racking leaves and jumping into the pile…

Pumpkin Patches

Apple Picking

the best of all, Halloween arrives 30 days from this FRIDAY!!

Have a wonderful Monday peeps!

Love & Hugs


6 thoughts on “Seasons Change

  1. I have such a foggy brain at this stage in life. Biggest joke on myself is Me telling me, “I’ll get back to that later.” Spoiler: she didn’t 🤦‍♀️

    Especially if the view of fall foliage is easily viewed – but I think even I will pass on the the pumpkin spice Oreos or gum. Some flavours are just fine as they are.

    1. Exactly, I have fallen in love with and depend on the silly reminder app on my phone because it I don’t have it, I will forget crap. I love pumpkin but don’t feel that it needs to be in every aspect of things.

  2. I get the commenting and posting thing. I’m better having started a weekly newsletter, instead of feeling like I need to blog every other day. It’s fun and people get it straight in their inbox.
    I love fall. This is the time of year I wish I lived anywhere else but Florida. So glad my daughter decided to go to college in NC – at least now I get glimpses of it. 🙂

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