Cop An Attitude- Hilary Grossman

Dusting off the old blog site to celebrate my good friend and her writing talents. About a year a year ago she contributed to an anthology and introduced us to some fun and new characters as well as bringing back an oldie but good from previous works. Please help me spread the word with her upcoming book “Cop An Attitude” where she shares the POV from both characters of Waverly and Pete, due for release on February 17th and available for preorder now! (click the image below)

Cop An Attitude, which includes Sydney Clayton from the Forest River PTA moms series and introduces us to a fun and charismatic fireball of a character, Waverly. She is the IT director for a food distributor who has given up on love after having her heart trampled on in the worst ways. She finds her life fine the way it is much to her friend and colleagues disapproval who tries to set her up whenever possible. Pete Ennis is the cop who flips her world upside down.

Waverly wants nothing to do with him and he seems to be around every corner of her life when she least expects it. Pete Ennis, is the cop everyone one wants to hate based on what Waverly has shared about their encounters. However, as the story unfolds and we learn that the two have quite the history together,  we find ourselves torn between love and hate for this misunderstood police officer, father and genuinely nice guy! If only Waverly would just give him a chance to prove that after their initial meeting. 

Just when the two of them are getting to know each other a little more, life throws a couple of curve balls at them and they are faced with having to overcome their pasts, deal with the present and learning how to forgive each other, themselves and figure out the best way to move forward. 

Hilary’s writing is fun, brilliant and kept me laughing at every corner. Waverly and Pete’s story left me with all the feel goods and tugged at the heart strings which has become one of my favorite things about Hilary’s writing, she never leaves you disappointed.  I received a ARC copy of this book for review purposes from the author and the comments above are strictly my own. (edited from my initial review to include a dual character POV)

Congrats my friend!

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