Seasons Change

I come here when I get inspired to share something with all of you and those faithful readers that having dumped me and for that, I am grateful. I am really bad at replying to comments on here and I just want to say to […]

MOM RULES: Hilary Grossman

My good friend has done it again and published the next book in her series of books. I couldn’t be more proud to share this with her here! Those feisty females from Forest River PTA have returned for another round of who wore it best, my […]

Martini Monday

When is the last time you looked at your phones photo library? How many pictures are on your phone? Are you an avid picture taker or a novice? How many meme’s vs screenshots vs ACTUAL pictures do you see? I tend to download fun images […]


I signed into my blog today with intentions of posting something but before I did, I had to make some site updates. So while those updates where being pushed through, I decided to go look at some older files I had started but never finished […]

Taco Tuesday…

Lol, this post isn’t about taco’s but it’s a catchy title, it got your attention, and brought you here didn’t it? 😉 We are coming up on the last week of AUGUST! I can’t help but think that time hasn’t slowed down at all, even […]